Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Remote Control Car (RC) fever..

Hi there guys,

Last week on Friday the 28th Feb, me and my colleagues had a wild thought of engaged in remote control car for our leisure game. So i brought them to 7th miles bazaar, the place where i used to buy RC-Model Toyota Celica. That time was in 2006, used 9.6V batt.

Now we have an upgrade version that use 10V batt. much powerful and last a bit longer. So as we reach there, my colleague Jimmy was the first person who bought the RC followed by James.

Jimmy bought A Subaru Impreza WRX model which was catched our attention seems to be SUBAPU not Subaru lah... huwargh hargh! But it's ok, it's just a name right?.. what matters is the model.

And so James bought a RC model- Nissan Fairlady 350Z. Me and Nick still thinking of what model to buy at that time. We just watching two of our colleagues doing. Not much of the choices RC over there. Later we drove to Everise Shopping Mall 4th Mile..

Haaaa....! in Wonderland.. we can find such a wonder toys over there. Me and Nick hurriedly took an action of seacrhing our favourite RC model. There u are at last, Im buying myself a Nissan Silvis S15.. I think the great looking model so far sold here.. he he.. Don't envy lar geng..

While Nick bought himself a Honda Integra DC5 model. The price offered is RM79.90 but we managed to ask for discount RM70.00 each.. he he.. We are the brilliant persuader aren't we..
Above are Jimmy, James and Nick observing and examine the Integra DC5 model which was later bought by Nick. So at the same day, late afternoon after work, we test drive our brand new models on the road in front of our office parking lot.

The yellow RC was owned by Roslee, the old model with hard cover which was much original look for Subaru Impreza WRX.

We had fun that afternoon until we planned to slot in this activity in our department's family day outing soon!.. As you can see, my Nissan Silvia S15( silver colour) is outstanding of all model ha ha!.. Till next game.


Willie said...

Wah best juak

nicksuneo said...

Cool... Better than aku yg main kereta mini Dash Yongkoro time budak budak dolok. Hehe

The Nature Travelers said...

Nice RC. can joint kah?

designationjazz said...

Reptoz> nang best.. ku madah ktak..

Nick> Yeah.. it's sure does.. join ler..he he

Nature Traveller>Sure.. anytime u wanted to..N thanx.. Ur my 1st follower.