Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why am I lazy to blog lately?

Hi there to all my blog readers.. It’s been 4 weeks now since my last entry on “The Enthusiastic Hikers”..

I wonder why am I lazy to blog nowadays.. Maybe on one of the reason is “Facebook”… the others is I am quite buzy with my workload now coz it’s toward the end of the year.

Anyway, I miss to read my frenz blog and one of my favourite blog is Metaga’s Villa blog..( hehe Ivy please control your nose or if not, it might going to expand haha! XD..

Others blog as well, I know I missed a few entry of your posts but I am not quitting my blogging activity..

Well, I am gathering my interest in blogging these few days, looking for a new entry for my new post soon. By the way, hope you guys all have a nice day ahead and take care!

Adios amigos!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The enthusiastic hikers..

Hello Everybody..

It’s been a long time since my last post.. well… I’m quite buzy nowadays (u can say that.. I would like to share about my latest activity that have been done last Saturday (7 Nov 2009).. Me and my colleagues went up hiking Mt. Santubong my favourite hiking tracks.

I’ve been to the summit 6 times since Yr 2004. For your info I’ll hike that mountain once a year, at least and I make it compulsory for myself.. hehe..

So we geared up a group of enthusiastic hikers from Kuching and moved early in the morning. We met up at Bukit Puteri Base, a fastest track to the summit (eventhough it takes more than 3 hours to reach the top.. :-p

Here are some snapshots taken :

( Bukit Puteri base entrance route)

From left to right : Suriatie, Radzi, Eva, Josh, Basil and Jeff.

Me?-taking a snapshot hehe..

Radzi with his fearsome smile!..

(at checkpoint 7)

A map to the summit!

ladder and steep..

Monkey a.ka. kera sumbang that been stalking us till the top.

Future hopes dreaming **bubbles**(view from the top)

Boys and girls of the hut! haha..(The summit)

Heavy meal after tiring journey.. A reward for ourselves!

(fm left to right : Eva, Basil and Josh)

We had a great journey gone through the heavy rain, wind and dust...

but we all reliefed and had the excitement of adrenaline rush!..

Adios amigos!!..fellas

p/s :

Anybody needs a guide to Mt Santubong,

pls do not hesitate to contact me.. :-)

Monday, October 26, 2009

FUTSAL Games..

Hey guys, Im back…. After a hectic moments of works, courses and games… Ha ha! I’m I that buzy?? Nahhh… I don’t think so… It’s just my fingertips still like to procrastinate on posting a new entry lately… he he…

Ok… my last weekend activity was Involving in FUTSAL Tournament which was held in Sentosa Sports Centre, Jalan Stakan, Bt 7 Kota Sentosa. I’m sure Kuchingites most likely familiar with this name or know about this place.

This futsal tournament was held by our department and it was a male and female futsal games. There was no mixmatches on that day.

For the male groups, we were divided into 5 groups and the female groups divided into 3 groups. No specific name for the teams, we only grouping by numbers and my team was Group 1.-huh! first in a row!.. wait till you hear the result..hehe..

I brought my son along with me as I want to expose him to the excitement of playing futsal as futsal is one of my favourite game.. I rarely like to play soccer game coz I can’t stand to run in a long distance just to any chances to get a soccer ball!..

At the end of the games, my team was at the 3rd place….*sigh*…

And for the female futsal games, all of the teams involved managed to get no. 1 to 3rd placing as there were only 3 groups matched… ha ha! Eventhough the group was last in a row, they still can get no. 3 isn’t it?..

Anyway it was a fun games, we were tired and feel muscle aching all over the body. Some get their feet swollen.. but mostly muscle pain!

Like I used to hear, this:

No pain No Gain!..

My team was in 3rd place and we brought home Bronze medals.. (actually not really a bronze, it’s just the colour ha ha!)..

Here are some pics of the events:

The happy Daryl by the net..

Tournament in action!

A bunch of female players.

Cindy (left) and her team won the 1st place..

Gosh her team really did play well that day..

Bahamil. His left foot was swollen during the matches.

Daryl not in the mood of photo taking, wearing the medal that I've won..

Adrianna at the back with the laughter of joy for being in the 2nd place.

Have a nice day folks!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Lately my fingertips become lazy on typing a new entry for my blog... Maybe it's because towards the end of the year and my life is fully loaded with pile of works. It's not that my interest get faded everyday in blogging. I have so many stories to tell but so little time to slot in my entries..

Gosh... those feeling makes me focus more on my outdoor activities such as futsal games, mountain hiking, remote control car drifting, car modifications, jamming and many mores that i merely la
zy to post a new entry..

Help me on this.. Please motivates me on keep on blogging... Coz i
need one..

My hiking activities would be on November as well as I got two family day activities that I will be joining in November and December. Plus I got to attend course somewhere at one of the hotel in Kuching by this coming Sunday...

I hope you don't get bored with my stories... Anyway don't let your feeling throw away your interest in whatever you do.

I have a story to tell you about INTEREST..

My colleague, Adrianna is one of the enthusiasm paintballer in Kuching, and guess what? She was the only girl who team up with guys in the paintball games. Her team is call
D'Virus Redz Shinobi.

Anyone from Kuching who attached to the paintball game should know this team. This team had joint the Kuching Paintball Cup 2009 at Kuching Stadium somewhere in August if i'm not mistaken. This story had been told to me a few months ago and I can hardly recall.

Unfortunately, the were lost in the preliminary round, that what she told me last time... She got passion for the love of the game. Eventhough she's the only female paintballer surrounded by male paintballers, she never thought that she couldn't catch up with those guys. For your info, during the shooting event last time at IPK Batu Kawa, her performance was much better than me.

Her deep interest for this game makes her leaves behind her RC drifting activity. She used to join us before she focused full attention to paintball games. Well, I am proud of her because she is very persistent and she managed to bring up her interest to the higher level of the game.

Until now, the D'Virus Redz Shinobi has only one female player and that is her. I wonder will they recruit another female paintballers in future.. My point of view is that once you have the interest in whatever you do, do it consistenly and never let your surrondings be a wall barrier in whatever you think suites you or best for your body and mind. Well I hope this entry will motivates you...( and I'm the one who thought that I need motivation instead of motivating you guys he he..)

Ms Adrianna - The event was released in the Chinese Newspaper

(can't remember what post he he)

Those who can read chinese characters... what does it means huh?..

The one and only female paintballer in the D'Virus Redz Shinobi..

All the paintball stuffs dumped in her SUV.. Now can occupy 2 persons only!

That's what we called for the love of the game!

Well guys, have a nice day ahead! :-)

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Marksman a.k.a sharp shooter

Last Saturday(03.10.09) was on the great moment for me as I attended a gun shooting practice held by our ministry with collaboration with the PDRM Bukit Aman. The event took place at IPK PDRM Batu Kawa, Kuching.

The first event was Bull Eyes target shooting practices comprised of 2 parts :
1) 10 metres range
2) 15 metres range

The 2nd event was the Group Plate Shooting. We were divided into 8 groups and i am in group Kuching 6.

As we were familiar to Semi Auto Glock gun for shooting practices, the PDRM Bukit Aman provided us with this type of gun. The gun is light in weight and easy to operate or handle, but be careful, do not take this for granted!

We came early that morning before 8 am and gathered at the Lapang Sasar IPK PDRM Bt. Kawa. One of our ministry branch from Sri Aman were geared up to join this event too.
For the first 10 metres range I didn't do quite a good job as out of 10 bullets only 3 hit the scoreboard... ha ha! I thought it was easy coz my last shooting with this gun was back in 2005.

But for the 15 metres range, I did a good job ( I can say that coz 2 of my colleagues did miss both scoreboards in both parts he he..) I hit 8 bullets out of 10...
An Applause for me pls.. :-)

Me and Adrianna (10 metres range) in action!

I can feel the thrill!

Mr Roslee was our Marksman(sharp shooter) on that day. (2nd from right)

Ferashida imagined receiving the trophy and be announced
the sharp shooter of the day before the action get started.. he he

The precautionary notice on board.

Bullets and magazines.

Participants in in a row of action.

Participants who volunteered to refill the magazines.

It was an exciting and fun during the events. Everybody was pushing their efforts to show their best ability in target shooting. At the end of the day trophies and medals are given out to the winning inviduals and groups. As for me and my team mates, we were surprised to be announced the 3rd place in Group Plate Shooting... Ghosh!... we were very excited coz it only meant for 1st to 3rd placing out of 8 groups..

Well.. it was a great moment for me as I didn't expect to be one othe participants who had won the medal. And I drove home all the way back with smile :-)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just another manic Monday..

Too much work too be done on the first day of the week,

brother in law in the
right now waiting for a medical check-up due to sudden illness most probably coz by food,

forgot to bring the porcupine thorns for my colleague,

thinking of
changing the clutch lining of my car,

need to
call somebody for an official matters....

wanna make
a cup of Hot MILO for a start...

And It's just another manic Monday ....- The Bangles!

Manic Monday by The Bangles.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Water Theme Park??

I'm sure most of the Kuchingites are familiar with one of the city hypermall that is Boulevard. Last Monday, me and my family went to the Boulevard just to have our meal at the KFC.. You know, children love KFC that my son, Daryl not even bother to eat rice for a dinner...

So went there that evening and had our meal... After that my wife decided to bring our kids to the so called mini water theme park..You can say that.. Located just at the ground floor outside the hypermall but still in the premise.

Stop and stare......-One Republic.
I bet he's thinking of jumping in that pool..

Daryl and Dylan were merely excited that evening. I told Daryl that we will come back tomorrow in the late afternoon for a swim. This water theme park is only meant for children and not adults. So if you're think that you are an adult, do not prompt yourself in the pool coz you might get caught by the security guards and people might label you as a mentally retarded ha ha!..

The next day, Daryl was so eager to have a swim that he slept early on that day just to restore his energy for swimming, jumping, giggling, somersault etc... eh! did I mention somersault?? The weather too was a bit cold in the late afternoon..

See!.. I told you he would jump..

After his fun going activity, I dressed him up and we then went for shopping in the Boulevard groceries mall.

Dylan in action!

So that's all for the 2 day visit to the Boulevard Hypermall! :-)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Kid's imagination..

One of the cartoon character that love by my son is BEN 10. He loves to watch the animated series and all the things related to it such as Ben10 shirts n shorts, slippers n shoes, watches, begs, stickers, figurines etc... In others words, the world of Ben 10..

Last week, I bought him an exercise book. This book is usually use by children in schools for their writting exercise. He asked me to bought it for him and i bought it so that he can learn to write alphabets and numbers, including drawing. Daryl's name was mispelled by his cousin, David.. instead of DARYL, it's turned to DEREL.. ha ha!So here is his work of art, Ben 10 alien character- The Rip Jaws;

What an Imagination!

Rip Jaws!... Daryl said it to me and my wife

Me and my wife laughed at him as we were never knew it was A Rip Jaws character from the Ben 10 animated series.. All this while we thought it was a drawing of a ghost!

What do you think..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The weekenders..

Last week, i did some sort of activities that I've been quite buzy and didn't have enough space for blogging. Here are some pics of my previous activities;
Transformers OST.. I bought it last friday at the Speedy Video, Hock Lee Center.
Daryl loves to listen to it as he is one of the Transformers fan..(04.09.09)

Daryl at the car wash... Still cute huh? for a 4 yr old boy..
Car washed on Sat. morning before went to Santubong Resort (05.09.09)

Daryl and me...Do u guys notice his Bumblebee shirt?..

My legs on the balcony...on Sunday morning.
So calm and pleasant..(06.09.09)

My family.. In front of the Santubong Resort reception.
We take a tour to Damai Puri after breakfast (06.09.09)

Daryl get a haircut.. he's so eager to have a haircut that evening..
Don't know why.. and he keep smilling at us while the the lady cut his hair..

Whoala!... my new look.. (i guess that was on his mind)
Dylan also get a haircut after Daryl... me?? Nopp..

So, that's where we've been during last weekend... Spent a night at Santubong Resort. After all there was a Ramadhan Package promotion-Rm100 per nite. Why don't u give give it a try. Promotion ends until 18 Sept 2009. It is a nice place for family gathering and its has a huge swimming pool. Daryl and Dylan loves to be in the pool..including me he he..

Have a good day everyone!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Room Cash Vouchers

Dear readers, I have 4 room cash vouchers that I've received from Bank Simpanan Nasional. It is the vouchers given to a BSN credit card holders for a stay in Equatorial Cameron Highlands valid from 1st July 2009 to 30 October 2009.

As I'm not planning to take vacation in West Malaysia within this short period of time, plus I can't afford to do so.. hehe..so I decided to give away these vouchers for FREE!

So, I hereby to give out these vouchers to all my blog friends who eventually happen to go to the Cameron Highlands from this month until October.

And remember these vouchers is for anyone who has the BSN credit card ONLY!..
Ohhh... don't get too excited.. Pls read the terms and conditions first, ok.

Pls read the terms and conditions first before deciding to collect these vouchers. It is for qualification purpose. If you are interested, do give me your name and address via e-mail : designationjazz@gmail.com. I will post it for free. If you happen to stay in Equatorial, don't forget to buy souvenirs for me...
that if you want too..he he :-)