Tuesday, May 11, 2010

APRIL : Month of the Land Below The Wind

Hi there I’m back again after LOST for a while… So how are you guys doin’ lately? Now is May and I’m gonna post about my trips (twice) to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in the month of APRIL, 2010.

My 1st trip was on 4 April 2010, I went there with my colleagues all over Sarawak for a 1 week course attached to the Beverly Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. Here are some pics of the my activities (too lazy to jot down words to describe.. haha! XD ) :

Hush Puppies at Centre Point. One my colleague intend to buy a pair of leather shoes
but instead of buying, he just tried out the shoes...*sigh*

Beverly Hotel swimming pool.Me, Leslie and Lauhi

Toilet at Suria Mall. No men dare to piss on that glass wall coz
you can see you own *thing* by the reflection haha! XD.
Better piss at the toilet bowl..

AT the Jesselton Point.
With Moss, he likes to wear tight shirt! haha..XD
Me look ugly ;-P

Lambchop, Chix wing n prawns... my favourites!
(farewell dinner-09/04/10 before we check out the day after)

Beverly Hotel reception lobby. Nice!

The 2nd trip to Kota Kinabalu was on 26 April 2010.
It was on an official matters. I went there to attend an examination paper conducted at Maktab Kerjasama Guru, MAA building at Api-Api centre.

Here are some pics of my acitvities (too lazy to jot down the words of descriptions.. haha!.. ;....@#$%

sorry guys, there's a problem downloading the pics. I guess it will be on my next entry.. hehe ;-)

Till my next post.. Hv a nice day ahead!!