Friday, July 31, 2009

Green Gallery : One stop studio..

I would like to share with you the photo shoots that I took a few months back in the Green Gallery shop at New BDC shoplots. Too bad I used my Nokia Xpress Music 5800 and the quality if much poorer compare to Sony Ericcson Xperia.

I think this is one of the suitable location for photo shoot or we can call it the

One stop studio...

just drop by and click!

My family, my life and my joy :-)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gift and lights..

This very morning I went to work early coz my wife taken a leave from today till weekend. So I drove my car alone.. but cheerfully he he..(can u see the glimpse of smile here :-)
with Latin dance beat songs turn-up loud.

While I was driving on the way to my workplace, i was amazed by the beautiful morning scenery; the lights...
So I snapped a few shots of these beautiful scenes;

The sun and the lamp posts!

and the sun will set for you...
(taken from the 'Shadow of the day' song by Linkin Park.)

Lights of the lamp post.

The hornbill.. shine by the light of the sun

SJK Chung Hua No. ?.. errrr.. No. 2 i guess..
You can see the sun exposure at the back.

The lights still on (the attached lamp post) after I parked my car here..
and it was 7.06am.

In the morning briefing, I was sitting next to Nea. She was holding a key chain that captured my attention. This was my convs. with her:

Me > Hey, what is that? (pointing at the small thing in her palm)
Nea> A key chain.
Me > Nice...errr where did u buy that?
Nea> At 100% discount store at Tabuan Jaya.
Me > Nice. Can I see it? (request for holding it)
After a while i asked this;
Me >Can I have it so that you could buy another one later.. he he? (a teasing question)

Nea> Really? U want it??..(a confirmation question i guess)
Me > No lah.. I just joking..(but in my heart, if i have it I will be happy..)
Nea> Here.. I give it to you..

Wahhh!!!... I was so happy coz the gift is so cute-The alloy bottle opener!(foot shaped)... yahooo!!

Me > Thanx!!
Nea> Don't just a thanx you for me...
Me > Errrr!.. (blurr...) ok thanx..(maybe she was hoping something in return like give her a breakfast threat etc...

Our conversation ended here. I could see she's smilling and we continue to listen to the short brief by our superior.

This foot shaped key chain is a bit smaller than Dylan's feet!

I Thanx God for making this day such a beautiful day!

Have a beautiful morning!..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fatal accident !!!..

This morning an accident happened along the road of Kuching-Samarahan. This mishap had caused traffic congestion along the main road. I was on my way to Samarahan to send my wife and kids to their workplace and baby sitter's home. I managed to snap a few shots along the way driving. Can't hardly to let the incident passed by without capturing the scenes at the incident.

We heard the news on air in 101.3fm channel (Iban channel), and i immediately grabbed my XPERIA to snap the tragic scenes. The accident was between the scooter and the oil tanker. The scooter if i'm not mistaken was an Ego or Karisma believed to be head on collision with the the oil tanker and coz a fatal accident!..

The rider died on the spot. I'm not sure whether the rider is a male or female but my instint believes that the person is a male. From the news, it was said that the rider wanted to overtake the car from behind and suddenly head on collision with the oil tanker which came from the opposite direction. The scooter ran down by the oil tanker and caused severe injuries to the casualty.

Along the way to the place of incident, I could saw the smashed glass and the broken pieces of scooter shattered on the road and the scooter laid aside the main road.

The severely damaged scooter! (probably Ego or Karisma)

Traffic congestion along the way to Kota Samarahan.

The traffic congestion along the way from the opposite direction..

These situation had caused me to come late to my workplace.. but i'm sure my boss would understand it.

Becareful if you driving or riding on the road. Don't be reckless and always pray in your heart so that you could have a safe journey to the destination...

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Havoc! Panic! Surprise...

all in one when the first staff to reach the office found out that our office building had been
ransacked by thieves ( i believe theres more than a person)!..

When I reached the office this morning I didn't noticed anything weird happening while punching the attendance card. Until I went to the next cafeteria and heard the stories from my colleagues who had came earlier. As usual my breakfast for today was noodle soup and a cup of tea.We talked about it all the time while having our breakfast.

I was told that it probably happened late at night or dawn. The police haven't arrived yet and the damaged shutters still had not been touched by our staff due to for police investigation. To my utmost surprised the cafe next to our building had been ransacked too. I heard that only coins had been taken from the cash register machine as there were no ringgit inside. Hah!.. those thieves really don't wanna lose something that they can haul.

Here are some snapshots of the place of incident.. he he feel like being a police investigator for a while;

Shutter of our building lifted up by the thieves. This side is next to the cafeteria.

Bended scissors in front of the shutters!

Close up of the bended scissors

Broken shutter of the cafeteria!

Ransacked, broken and left untidy!

Two of our superiors office had been ransacked and luckily the PCs and printers were not being robbed. As for me, I thank the Lord because my office is on the third floor. Only the ground floor was been sneaked by the thieves.

My RCs are safe and sound.... so i can drift afterwards hi hi..

Please do not leave your personal belongings in the office because we do not know this incident could be happening at your place!

Have a nice day ahead!..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My family pose

Last Saturday, we went back to my hometown in Serian where my parents stay. I snapped several pics of my family at their best pose..

Dylan Ivan-wanted to be D1 drifter he he..

Daryl Emerson-interested in GP racing maybe..

My wife - freelance model..

ME??? Errrr.. no one took my pic that day... sorry he he.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Last night we decided to jamm at 10pm. Nick was the first person who reached the Pearl Jamming Studio, MJC. Immediately after he was loafing at the studio, he sms me. At that moment I was on the road driving with constant speed, smooth, relaxing, no dogs or cats crossing the road... he he, makes me feel cool to rock the studio! What an imagination...

When i reached the studio, I sms Nick to come down and have a cup of tea at the nearest coffee shop. There was a funfair compound nearby and the event is still happening with it's ferris wheel spining, neon lights blinking etc..(to long to describe, so i make it short-quite happening lah..)

While waiting for 3 of our line-up to show up, we ordered drinks and had a chit-chat. After a while, we then went back to the studio and loafed with the studio manager. We waited a bit long until my eyes getting sleepy. Luckily, two of them showed up and im feeling refreshed again.. But there's still one person that haven't show up, Stanly;our bassist.

We called few times and we even sms him, but to our dissapoinment, there was no single answer from him. Where did he go?? Question pop up in my mind. Just before the plan, Nick told me that Stanly will be coming for the jamm and he sounded ok like there was no barrier for him to come down that night.

We wait and wait.. My eyelids getting sleepy and my feelings started to get frustrated. Well everybody seems frustrated at that time. My dream to rock the studio that night all gone, vanished.. Suddenly a sms appeared in our drummer, Harry's mobilephone saying that he was tired and went off sleep early that night. What the heck!..He was all the time snoring while we we waiting for him. This is unacceptable!! All of us were angry with him and I don't know what did Harry replied to him. A magic word I guess.. The clock ticked almost 11:45 pm and we decided to go home..

So I drove home.. I am frustrated but I was still cool driving on the road. I turned up loud the music on the way home. When I reached home, I saw my son Daryl was still awake and crying..tried to search his belongings I guess. His cheeks soaked with tears... I felt pity on him so I asked him,

Me : What are u looking for, Daryl.
Daryl : My wallet (he meant the Bumblebee wallet-He's the no. 1 fan of Transformers!)
Me : There's your wallet.. (by pointing at the top of the TV showcase)

He then took the wallet and asked for his Ben10 cards collection.. Eventhough i'm frustrated about the jamming matters but i can feel and shared his sadness on finding his belongings coz he usually tidy up his belongings before getting sleep. So, I took his Ben10 cards and gave it to him. At that time his facial expression getting a bit cheerful.

Then he asked this;
Daryl : Papa, I wanna watch the new Transformer movie..( I wasn't suprised because he just woke up and it's still early to take a nap).
Me : OK sure..

The clock was nearly 12:30 am. I turned on the DVD player and we both watched the 2nd disc(VCD) of the movie. He sat down while me myself laid down. He still awaken and concentrated on the TV screen. I'll then asked him to lay down. That's my technique to make him go off sleep early rather than sitting.. he he..

Daryl rearranged his Ben10 cards collection.

Suddenly there was another request;
Daryl : Papa, wanna drink milk choccolate... (wahh... very demanding my son..
but it's ok coz I love him. Afterall, his an obedient child)
Me : Daryl wanna drink yea? (a confirmation question)
Daryl : Arr.. (means yes!)

So I made him a drink. It was almost 01:00 am, I asked him to go to sleep coz it's already late. He obeyed me and we went to bed. My wife and my baby seems to have a good night sleep that moment. I was sleepy but I don't get frustrated anymore coz I did chat with Daryl and it made my frustration fade away. What matters is I wanna see Daryl to be happy before he's going for a sleep that night..

So, it does..

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

When Autobot meets Decepticon..

Yesterday, while I was in the office doing my work,suddenly I have a thought of my old buddy, Christopher. We used to be working at the same company last time until I moved out and joined the government body in 2005.

So I called him and set a meeting place somewhere in the coffeeshop in Tabuan Laru. As I arrived there, I knew he was waiting for me coz i still recognized his car. I walked towards him and saw him smilling at me while sitting at one of the corner in the coffeeshop. I greeted him and this was our conversation;

me : Hey, how's your life?
chris : As usual..(with his tiring and sleepy look after working on the night shift)
me : Have you ordered something to eat?.. (while grabbing the seat)
chris : Nop.. i have no appetite to go for breakfast.. (still not in the good mood i guess)

I ordered a special mee soup as I haven't had my breakfast before 8am. We continued chatting and after a while he asked me whether i am free at that moment. I replied that actually I have an outside job to do but because we were very seldom meet, so I agreed to go to his place as it was not far from the corner and continued to chit chat for a while.

We talked about our past time together where we used to be partners in crime, going through the hardship together and having fun while i am still single at that time. We laughed and jokes until his eyelids getting sleepy but still have the energy to story about his life nowadays. Actually at that moment, he had a hardtime going through in his life and he shared it with me. I gave my opinions on his problem and i am glad that he had a bit relief coz he found some answers to his hardship.

We had been friends for a long time and I am glad that we never forget each other eventhough now we have our own family, but we're still keep in touch. When I was about to drive off from his place, I managed to take a few shots of our cars. To my suprised, he was the follower of Decepticon! A sticker of Decepticon paste on his front windshield. So i mentioned this;

me : I never thought that you're a Decepticon..
chris : Ha ha now U know it.. (with his proud looking facial expression)
me : See! I am the Autobot.. (by pointing at Autobot sticker at my car windshield)
chris : So, we both now are enemies.. ha ha! (we both laughed at the same time..)

eyes of the Designation Jazz!

eyes of the Barricade!

Autobot and Decepticon

But in fact, we are still good friends.. When Autobot meets Decepticon is just a gimmick title for this blogpost. What matters is it is good for us to call our old time friends and asking for how he/she has been doing. Who knows, they might need your advise!

Friday, July 3, 2009

My guitar collections

Today, I wanna talk about my interest in music. Honestly I began to learn guitar when I was 16yrs old.. Usually one will start earlier such as before 13yrs old. It's all started when one of my schoolmate in secondary school, Mazalan invited me to join his band for a year end school show in SMK Serian in 1989. I was surprised that he would chosen me to be a bass player. My replied was i wanted too, but i don't even know how to play a guitar!
he he.. that's what we call enthusiasm..

He said, don't worry i'll teach you. He intended to form a band group and need to look for a suitable bassist. How I feel lucky at that time coz I know a bit about guitar but I don't know how to play it. From that on, I've learned a guitar lesson from him and the skills to be a good guitarist. Mazalan is a lefthanded guitarist and he's a skillfull musician. He knows how to sing and play drums quite well.

As years goes by, we all grew up and started to futher studies and some of my band group looking for a job in their young age. As for me, I went to Institut Teknologi Mara, Kuching (now they called it UiTM Kota Samarahan as it moved to this area in 1997).. But we still hang around sometimes and learned new skills and guitar scales and chords.

One day he admitted that my guitar plucking is much softer than him. In other word much better tham him, he he.. Wow! that was an unexpected compliment from my guru! Yea, I admit that but in lead guitar, he is much far better than me.

I bought my first guitar 'Ibanez GIO' in 2006. All this time I only played acoustic guitar at home and jammed at the studio around town. It cost me RM930.00 for that, but my interest in music had driven me to buy an electric guitar for my own. I even bought a set of amplified speaker and guitar effects gadget.

Epihone made in Korea

Now in 2009, I bought another guitar that was advertised in in June 2009. I was attracted to that guitar coz it is an 'Epiphone' model of Gibson guitar, plus it is made in Korea! This model use to play by Avril Lavigne in her 'Try to shut me up tour' in Canada, 2006. Me and Nick went to the owner of the Epiphone place and he sold it out to me after a negotiation of price reduce. At last, he agreed to sold it to me by RM750.00.. he he.. I'm such a good persuader. He originally bought it by the price of RM1,600.00 in 2007. I guess i'm lucky coz it all included guitar strap and the case.

Epihone Gibson

Me and my epiphone in the office! can't see my image??

I love to jamm with my band now. It can relieve my stress from work and we use to jamm at night time only.. Oh! one more thing, I admire women who can play guitar like my wife. That's why I attracted to her during our dating games last time. My wife can sing along and play guitar, but now she's seldom strum the guitar coz our acoustic guitar is old and the melody is not catchy enough to grab her feeling. That's what she told me lar..Err.. I'm I right??..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cinema cinema cinema...

I brought my son, Daryl to watch his all time favourite movie; Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. So i took a day off on Monday,29th June, coz I knew there will be not much people will be watching the cinema on Monday morning particularly. On the first epic, when he was about a 1 year plus, he loves to watch the Transformers VCD again and again until he slept in the evening. I bet he watched it more than 50 times coz he loves the robots characters so much.

My wife working on that day, so that moment was father n son hang around town he he.. Daryl was so excited that he keeps telling me that are we gonna watch Transformers movie at the cinema. And I replied, yes sure we'll do.. We went to Star Cineplex at Medan Pelita around 10:30 am. We reached there in about 11:10 am. The movie just about to start in 5 mins time. I bought a tickets for both of us and also a regular coke and snacks!

We entered the Hall 3 and seated at the middle of the hall. Daryl was happy that he keeps on butt nagging at the seat as the seat can be lifted up like playing sea-saw in the playground. He was so concentrated when it comes to the fight of Autobots and Decepticons and he didn't move a bit, only his mouth munching the snacks ha ha!..

Too bad I didn't shots his photo in the hall coz photo taking is prohibited in the cinema hall. Afraid of piracy activity I guess. That's why when we buy a pirated VCD, there will be some heads move along the movie screen!

Daryl with the straw! I bought his jacket in KK, Sabah last time.
We both wearing jacket and it seems we're the coolest son and dad in Star Cineplex..

His favourite character-Bumble Bee! He said, "Daddy, bumble bee is crying"
when he saw the scene of Sam saying goodbye to B.Bee.

He dont know Optimus Prime's name but he called it the Blue robot.. hehe

We went to KFC after that and ate some hot and spicy chic!.. remember the
Sector Seven guy saying this..." and criminal are hottt!!...

Ok, so our father and son session was great and Daryl seem happy all the way home. He said "Daddy it's best to watch the cinema!..