Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fatal accident !!!..

This morning an accident happened along the road of Kuching-Samarahan. This mishap had caused traffic congestion along the main road. I was on my way to Samarahan to send my wife and kids to their workplace and baby sitter's home. I managed to snap a few shots along the way driving. Can't hardly to let the incident passed by without capturing the scenes at the incident.

We heard the news on air in 101.3fm channel (Iban channel), and i immediately grabbed my XPERIA to snap the tragic scenes. The accident was between the scooter and the oil tanker. The scooter if i'm not mistaken was an Ego or Karisma believed to be head on collision with the the oil tanker and coz a fatal accident!..

The rider died on the spot. I'm not sure whether the rider is a male or female but my instint believes that the person is a male. From the news, it was said that the rider wanted to overtake the car from behind and suddenly head on collision with the oil tanker which came from the opposite direction. The scooter ran down by the oil tanker and caused severe injuries to the casualty.

Along the way to the place of incident, I could saw the smashed glass and the broken pieces of scooter shattered on the road and the scooter laid aside the main road.

The severely damaged scooter! (probably Ego or Karisma)

Traffic congestion along the way to Kota Samarahan.

The traffic congestion along the way from the opposite direction..

These situation had caused me to come late to my workplace.. but i'm sure my boss would understand it.

Becareful if you driving or riding on the road. Don't be reckless and always pray in your heart so that you could have a safe journey to the destination...


C.Alv.B said...

Thats what we called 'malang tidak berbau'..

Ivy Metaga said...

menakutkan mun tgk kemalangan kan, kena hati2 lah bila di jalanraya..

Anonymous said...

Teruklah accident...

nortehanon said...

It is such an unfortunate thing to happen. Here in my country, there are also many accidents involving people in motorcycle. Sometimes, some motorists are too stubborn to wear a helmet.


designationjazz said...

Calvb> Yepp... but still we need to pray for our safety on the road.

Ivy> x lah menakutkan... ko jak yg takut.. he he :-p

Krisno> org ya mati on the spot..

Nortehanon> In Malaysia, it's a compulsory to wear helmets, otherwise summon will b issued.

joan_whitnie said...

drive save..
he's my sis's fren..
he died on the spot
he is still young
19 to be exact
i was shocked when i heard te news..