Wednesday, July 8, 2009

When Autobot meets Decepticon..

Yesterday, while I was in the office doing my work,suddenly I have a thought of my old buddy, Christopher. We used to be working at the same company last time until I moved out and joined the government body in 2005.

So I called him and set a meeting place somewhere in the coffeeshop in Tabuan Laru. As I arrived there, I knew he was waiting for me coz i still recognized his car. I walked towards him and saw him smilling at me while sitting at one of the corner in the coffeeshop. I greeted him and this was our conversation;

me : Hey, how's your life?
chris : As usual..(with his tiring and sleepy look after working on the night shift)
me : Have you ordered something to eat?.. (while grabbing the seat)
chris : Nop.. i have no appetite to go for breakfast.. (still not in the good mood i guess)

I ordered a special mee soup as I haven't had my breakfast before 8am. We continued chatting and after a while he asked me whether i am free at that moment. I replied that actually I have an outside job to do but because we were very seldom meet, so I agreed to go to his place as it was not far from the corner and continued to chit chat for a while.

We talked about our past time together where we used to be partners in crime, going through the hardship together and having fun while i am still single at that time. We laughed and jokes until his eyelids getting sleepy but still have the energy to story about his life nowadays. Actually at that moment, he had a hardtime going through in his life and he shared it with me. I gave my opinions on his problem and i am glad that he had a bit relief coz he found some answers to his hardship.

We had been friends for a long time and I am glad that we never forget each other eventhough now we have our own family, but we're still keep in touch. When I was about to drive off from his place, I managed to take a few shots of our cars. To my suprised, he was the follower of Decepticon! A sticker of Decepticon paste on his front windshield. So i mentioned this;

me : I never thought that you're a Decepticon..
chris : Ha ha now U know it.. (with his proud looking facial expression)
me : See! I am the Autobot.. (by pointing at Autobot sticker at my car windshield)
chris : So, we both now are enemies.. ha ha! (we both laughed at the same time..)

eyes of the Designation Jazz!

eyes of the Barricade!

Autobot and Decepticon

But in fact, we are still good friends.. When Autobot meets Decepticon is just a gimmick title for this blogpost. What matters is it is good for us to call our old time friends and asking for how he/she has been doing. Who knows, they might need your advise!


Bb Hussain said...

emm..i just chat with my good friend after a year(i guess) we haven't talked to each other. We also haven't met for few years although we are from the same hometown. Feeling sad as we are not as previous.. people said that's normal coz she already married n have family..what can i do.. :(

designationjazz said...

BB> yea.. I used to hear this quote "Time changes when we change".Means that the relationship between you and yr friend would be different as time goes by but you still can maintain a good relationship if the friendship is bonded by trust.

Anonymous said... long i didn't met my old friends..transform!!!!

Willie said...

Kacak lampu?

designationjazz said...

Krisno> he he.. Autobots..Roll out!!

Willie> TQ TQ!..:-)