Friday, July 3, 2009

My guitar collections

Today, I wanna talk about my interest in music. Honestly I began to learn guitar when I was 16yrs old.. Usually one will start earlier such as before 13yrs old. It's all started when one of my schoolmate in secondary school, Mazalan invited me to join his band for a year end school show in SMK Serian in 1989. I was surprised that he would chosen me to be a bass player. My replied was i wanted too, but i don't even know how to play a guitar!
he he.. that's what we call enthusiasm..

He said, don't worry i'll teach you. He intended to form a band group and need to look for a suitable bassist. How I feel lucky at that time coz I know a bit about guitar but I don't know how to play it. From that on, I've learned a guitar lesson from him and the skills to be a good guitarist. Mazalan is a lefthanded guitarist and he's a skillfull musician. He knows how to sing and play drums quite well.

As years goes by, we all grew up and started to futher studies and some of my band group looking for a job in their young age. As for me, I went to Institut Teknologi Mara, Kuching (now they called it UiTM Kota Samarahan as it moved to this area in 1997).. But we still hang around sometimes and learned new skills and guitar scales and chords.

One day he admitted that my guitar plucking is much softer than him. In other word much better tham him, he he.. Wow! that was an unexpected compliment from my guru! Yea, I admit that but in lead guitar, he is much far better than me.

I bought my first guitar 'Ibanez GIO' in 2006. All this time I only played acoustic guitar at home and jammed at the studio around town. It cost me RM930.00 for that, but my interest in music had driven me to buy an electric guitar for my own. I even bought a set of amplified speaker and guitar effects gadget.

Epihone made in Korea

Now in 2009, I bought another guitar that was advertised in in June 2009. I was attracted to that guitar coz it is an 'Epiphone' model of Gibson guitar, plus it is made in Korea! This model use to play by Avril Lavigne in her 'Try to shut me up tour' in Canada, 2006. Me and Nick went to the owner of the Epiphone place and he sold it out to me after a negotiation of price reduce. At last, he agreed to sold it to me by RM750.00.. he he.. I'm such a good persuader. He originally bought it by the price of RM1,600.00 in 2007. I guess i'm lucky coz it all included guitar strap and the case.

Epihone Gibson

Me and my epiphone in the office! can't see my image??

I love to jamm with my band now. It can relieve my stress from work and we use to jamm at night time only.. Oh! one more thing, I admire women who can play guitar like my wife. That's why I attracted to her during our dating games last time. My wife can sing along and play guitar, but now she's seldom strum the guitar coz our acoustic guitar is old and the melody is not catchy enough to grab her feeling. That's what she told me lar..Err.. I'm I right??..


Bb Hussain said...

aha..still hiding yea..hehehe..
the guitar looks so good and wow only for rm750? u r a good persuader.

designationjazz said...

Bb> I guess i like to remain mysterious.. At first it was sold for RM1K, but u know me he he...

Anonymous said...

nice guitar..

Willie said...

Yah! Different hobby. Mine? Gundam Forever....

designationjazz said...

Kerapu> thnx bro!

Reptoz> Each one of us got diff. interest. Gundam?? not for me but Transformers.. yessss!!

Mysterious Witch said...

guitar collection... remind me of my fren who love guitar.. lols.

designationjazz said...

hehe.. then tis should remind U of me :-)