Friday, November 26, 2010

Wat's new in da house!..

Hello guys, it’s has been such a long time I didn’t update my blog.. ;-)
Sorry if u miss me.. hehe… I admit tat im getting lazier in updating my blog eventhough I have tones of stories to tell.. haha!XD. Just kidding!

Anyway, by uploading new pics will do the story for me ;-)
Here are some of my new items and my recent activities with my family.. Don’t meant to be boasting, just to share some of my interest in music!

here goes the story :..

my new Ibanez PGM3. fake smile or what?..hehe

Yamaha PSR E323. My wife luv to play it.. not me ;-)

I bought this Yamaha keyboard in September coz i wanted to learn to play keyboard beside improvising my guitar skills.. Actually my wife is the one who really insisted to have a keyboard in the house, so i bought it and she really does play it more frequent than me.. haha XD

BOSS ME-25 multieffects processor.

This is a great multieffects. It's interface is easy to operate, fast tweak and desired tone storage! Beside the stompboxes that i've used, this is the lighter and smaller version compare to my current pedalboard. I need this one to lighten my instruments weight carriage to jamm studio.

Practice session with my son, Daryl..
eventhough it's not up to 10 mins session!.. haha!XD

New shirts of my kids..Same design, only different sizes! Haha XD

Ok guys, i guess tat is all.. Till my next post!
Have a nice Friday and happy weekend ;-)