Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Palm Beach Sematan facilities.

This post can be considered part two of the previous one. There are 3 resorts allocated in Sematan:

1) Holiday Chalet
2) Sematan Beach Resort
3) Palm Beach Resort

Palm Beach resort got the most facilities for the guest activities and conveniences. Here are some of the snapshots of the facilities provided here;

BBQs pit.. as u can see four of my colleagues!

Palm Beach cafe. Ah Soon with his peace sign!

Shower spot for showering after beach activities.

Bicycles for beach strolling.

Sea front chalets. U can see Jai, the one who is very anxious for a sea swim..

Children playground. The colorful stakes!

Sun bathing benches and Kayaks..

Have a wonderful day ahead!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One nite in Palm Beach, Sematan.

My work task forced me to lead a team and to do the field job from Kuching to Sematan on 25th May,09. . As usual after we had bring our necessities for a one nite stay at the Palm Beach, we rolled out towards Sematan. A journey more than 100km but less 150km.. Reservation had been made earlier in the morning for a chalet to check-in. Five of us moved in the afternoon and started our journey directly to Lundu.

As for me as usual,minutes after boarding the SG, i dozed of and that make
s our driver a bit lonely, no one to chat to.. he he.. Everybody dozed off during the long journey to the desired place. We reached there in the late afternoon, after we had ordered a crab dish from one of the seafood restaurant in Sematan for our dinner. My colleague, Jai couldn't wait for a sea bathing.. eventhough he himself cannot swim.. ha ha!! but he's very ambitious u know... Well here are a few snapshot for a slide show;

Ever seen a lamp post attached to a palm tree??

Our one nite stay.. Grapevine

Our BBQ!

My breakfast.. Egg omolete+beef+red beans

My bed!?..

My leg.. I slept at the attic.. our stay was in 'A' frame chalet. 2 beds below and 2 beds at the attic.. cool and relaxing..

Ali, who slept early that nite so he can swim in the morning for more than two hours.. beach soccering, kayaking, swimming and catching the small fish with both palms .. he he

Guys, if u come over to Sematan, u should spend a nite or two at this place.. U won't regret it!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Car accident : Between luck and unfortunate..

This accident happened last evening at 71/2 mile Penrissen Rd Kuching. Two cars involved which were Proton Saga and Perodua Viva. According to the Viva owner, the Proton was at his back when suddenly it lost control and slightly hit both front and rear doors of his Viva. Both doors are dented but he and his wife were escaped unhurt. While the proton was braking and skidding through the slippery wet road. It end up that the Proton stumbled in the moonsoon drain along the main road.

The driver, an Iban male escaped unhurt but his wife if i'm not mistaken was hurt on her forehead, bleeding.. Maybe due to knocked on the dashboard. But luckily, 3 of the children were safe. Sorry for the poor quality of pics..(insufficient light he he..

The ambulance fetched up the casualty.

The guy wearing white shirt is the Viva owner while in black near him was the proton owner. Two situations that i can see hear are the Viva owner was lucky because his car was got only scratched and dented (both of them unhurt), while the Proton owner was unfortunate because his car stumbled in the drain and his wife was injured. More over the Proton driver need to compesate the Viva owner for the damaged and he need to repair his car too.

I was there because the Viva owner is my eldest brother!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Coca cola made in Japan

I accidentally bought this Coca cola drink last Wednesday when i had no small money to pay for the parking ticket at the Spring hypermarket mall, Kuching.
I have several 50 notes and the ticketing vendor said that she had no change for the notes, so I told her that I need to buy thing first to get a chance.

So I lurked around and think of going to Ta Kiong, one of the biggest groceries store in the mall. It happened when i passed the Coca-cola drinks rack near the cashier counters. I feel attracted to it coz it was a drink made in Japan especially when it comes to Coca-cola, my favorite carbonated drink!

The price is as at below,

Seeing is believing right?...

The taste?..

A bit sweeter but less carbonated. The gas easily vaporised than our local made Coca-cola.. Easy to drink faster, U can say that.

Finally I got the 1 bug for my parking fee ticket.
Why huh?? Life is so hard when u don have a small currencies..

Wana have a taste of it? Come to Ta Kiong and try for yourself!
Don't blame me if the taste not suits U.. ha ha!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Junior RC drifter..

Since i am involved in RC hobby, I bought myself an upgrade model which was meant for adults play. It is a HY model (Hengyu Model Factory) made in China. China now is one of the largest toy maker in the world.. and can imitate or clonning the original manufactured model. Such as the HBX model is a clone from YOKOMO and that's what the seller told me lar.. I don't know whether it's true or not..

Last Sunday, I brought my son to Taman Sahabat to drift my new RC. I just bought it the day before Sunday. One of my colleague came down to the park and we drifting around at one of the parking lot. My son was very interested in controlling the RC but eventually he was not familiar enough to control the car. I had to navigate the remote control. But he seems very happy dirfting the 1/10 Nissan Skyline GT-R34.

My son.. so serious for the pose..

Nissan Skyline GT-R34 that appears Niassn Skyllin..
( Not authorized by the Nissan Motorsport Co. JP..maybe

Anyway we had fun, Me, my son and my colleague who brought a Mazda RZ-7 Efini to take a storm with me.. Towards the end, my RC fly off the beam and crash landed on the bamboo shades.. accidentally driven by Daryl. Wish u could look the panic look on his face.. Ha ha! but im not angry coz accident do happens..

So guys, be caution on the road wherever you are. Even at the parking lot he he...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Influenza A (H1N1)

I think you guys already know the plague of H1N1 in certain countries in the world now. I came across to this notice issued by the Ministry of Health on 4th May 2009 at Klinik Kesihatan Stakan, Kota Sentosa, Kuching. I was sending my son, daryl to this clinic for his appointment of 4years of age. At the main entrance there was these notices displayed on board. So i grabbed my Nokia 5800 Music Xpress and snapshots the notices.

Below are the vital information of the disease;

Please bear in mind if you have children or infant, do not bring them out too often or to the main public attraction places such as hypermarket, supermarket, mini market or apa-apa jak market lah.. or public spots, where as this virus can get easily infected through air or direct contact to body fluids of a person with Influenza A (H1N1)!

Be cautious and take care everyone!..