Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Junior RC drifter..

Since i am involved in RC hobby, I bought myself an upgrade model which was meant for adults play. It is a HY model (Hengyu Model Factory) made in China. China now is one of the largest toy maker in the world.. and can imitate or clonning the original manufactured model. Such as the HBX model is a clone from YOKOMO and that's what the seller told me lar.. I don't know whether it's true or not..

Last Sunday, I brought my son to Taman Sahabat to drift my new RC. I just bought it the day before Sunday. One of my colleague came down to the park and we drifting around at one of the parking lot. My son was very interested in controlling the RC but eventually he was not familiar enough to control the car. I had to navigate the remote control. But he seems very happy dirfting the 1/10 Nissan Skyline GT-R34.

My son.. so serious for the pose..

Nissan Skyline GT-R34 that appears Niassn Skyllin..
( Not authorized by the Nissan Motorsport Co. JP..maybe

Anyway we had fun, Me, my son and my colleague who brought a Mazda RZ-7 Efini to take a storm with me.. Towards the end, my RC fly off the beam and crash landed on the bamboo shades.. accidentally driven by Daryl. Wish u could look the panic look on his face.. Ha ha! but im not angry coz accident do happens..

So guys, be caution on the road wherever you are. Even at the parking lot he he...


Willie said...

YEah...i heard it cost you RM1k to buy it right? And the body is made of Fiber. Finally, u got yourself an expensive hobby...just like i got this craziness on camera. Uwahahah

Bb Hussain said...

I bought the cheap RC for my nephew and tried to play it once. But I'm really not good in controlling it.. Hehheh..

designationjazz said...

willie> Nop.. u'r wrong. It's coz me below RM1K but considered expensive he he..

bb> yeah.. just like son. But i'm sure his gonna b xpert soon.

JuJue said...

ko biar bonarrr makan katak. sedap ker? aiisehh.. aku ni..tgk pon dah takot gerun geli bagai ini kan plak nak telan natang tu. kang terlompat2 plak dalam perot nih..

designationjazz said...

betoi.. ler.. takkan terlompat-lompat sb kaki, tangan dah kena potong.. Ada lagi menatang lain yg kami makan. Cth : Ular sawa, tenggiling, flying fox, lelabi, biawak..mcm2 aderr...(he he Iklan ASTRO)