Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One nite in Palm Beach, Sematan.

My work task forced me to lead a team and to do the field job from Kuching to Sematan on 25th May,09. . As usual after we had bring our necessities for a one nite stay at the Palm Beach, we rolled out towards Sematan. A journey more than 100km but less 150km.. Reservation had been made earlier in the morning for a chalet to check-in. Five of us moved in the afternoon and started our journey directly to Lundu.

As for me as usual,minutes after boarding the SG, i dozed of and that make
s our driver a bit lonely, no one to chat to.. he he.. Everybody dozed off during the long journey to the desired place. We reached there in the late afternoon, after we had ordered a crab dish from one of the seafood restaurant in Sematan for our dinner. My colleague, Jai couldn't wait for a sea bathing.. eventhough he himself cannot swim.. ha ha!! but he's very ambitious u know... Well here are a few snapshot for a slide show;

Ever seen a lamp post attached to a palm tree??

Our one nite stay.. Grapevine

Our BBQ!

My breakfast.. Egg omolete+beef+red beans

My bed!?..

My leg.. I slept at the attic.. our stay was in 'A' frame chalet. 2 beds below and 2 beds at the attic.. cool and relaxing..

Ali, who slept early that nite so he can swim in the morning for more than two hours.. beach soccering, kayaking, swimming and catching the small fish with both palms .. he he

Guys, if u come over to Sematan, u should spend a nite or two at this place.. U won't regret it!


Bb Hussain said...

Waa..Nice Place.. Like the lamp post attached to the palm tree..Very creative..

C.Alv.B said...

Wah..nice. But I do love the palm tree with the lamp post..whose idea anyway..hehehhehe..jimat belanja..

designationjazz said...

BB> ha ha! yepp it sure does. When u come 2 Swk nxt time do spend the nite there.

CalB> ha ha! yes it sure does. I guess the owner of the resort got the idea when he sat down underneath the palm tree last time..