Thursday, November 12, 2009

The enthusiastic hikers..

Hello Everybody..

It’s been a long time since my last post.. well… I’m quite buzy nowadays (u can say that.. I would like to share about my latest activity that have been done last Saturday (7 Nov 2009).. Me and my colleagues went up hiking Mt. Santubong my favourite hiking tracks.

I’ve been to the summit 6 times since Yr 2004. For your info I’ll hike that mountain once a year, at least and I make it compulsory for myself.. hehe..

So we geared up a group of enthusiastic hikers from Kuching and moved early in the morning. We met up at Bukit Puteri Base, a fastest track to the summit (eventhough it takes more than 3 hours to reach the top.. :-p

Here are some snapshots taken :

( Bukit Puteri base entrance route)

From left to right : Suriatie, Radzi, Eva, Josh, Basil and Jeff.

Me?-taking a snapshot hehe..

Radzi with his fearsome smile!..

(at checkpoint 7)

A map to the summit!

ladder and steep..

Monkey a.ka. kera sumbang that been stalking us till the top.

Future hopes dreaming **bubbles**(view from the top)

Boys and girls of the hut! haha..(The summit)

Heavy meal after tiring journey.. A reward for ourselves!

(fm left to right : Eva, Basil and Josh)

We had a great journey gone through the heavy rain, wind and dust...

but we all reliefed and had the excitement of adrenaline rush!..

Adios amigos!!..fellas

p/s :

Anybody needs a guide to Mt Santubong,

pls do not hesitate to contact me.. :-)