Friday, March 27, 2009

The memories remains..

Sometime when we think back of our past, funny how time flies by so fast. Lask week I wondering of organized a clean up schedule for myself to tidy up the store at the backyard of my home. I looked at my RX-Z bike that i left there for almost two years sun bathing all the time..

This used to be my daily transport to my workplace.

Then, as i look around i saw my wife's mountain bike. She own this bike when were both still enggaged, and now it was dumped left alone there.. The RX-Z also was own by me when we're enggaged. Before that I own only Proton Iswara till now. We used to hang around with this RX-Z when we were still dating he he.. and with the Iswara also.

The moutain bike, although punctured but still chain locked for safety reason.
Takut kena curi lah ya..

My previous iswara exhaust. Last time I like the raoming sound but later after married, I hate the sound. Annoying my music listening in the car. Now my car sound much better and smoother with the new exhaust.

Until now I'm still planning to tidy up my store.. when to do huh??.. All those things that I have seen bring back all those sweet n bitter memories of our romancing stories those back in the yesteryears. And now, we have two adorable kids!..

- Dylan Ivan and Daryl Emerson -

All this times both of us feel blessed that God has grant us with children and all the things that we possibly need in our daily life. And looking at my backyard store always make me smiles and those memories are still remains deep inside of me..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy New Year - The final touch..

Finally Mivec's car had finished her vacation in Ah Tee's workshop for more than 2 months. Huhh.. better eat 'ikan toman (2 mths)' for this. And here we are the fine workmanship of Ah Tee's workshop. And today, Mivec drive his car to the office. Before this, his kapcai jd mangsa rempit he he..

Some of the snapshots of his Wira...

So that's it.. End of story.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Remember the Earth Hour Day..

Earth Hour Day has been started since 2007 and it took place in Sydney Australia. It has been three years now, more and more cities are joining the earthly campaign. Anywhere, 'Earth Hour Day' means that citizens of country that participating will switch off the electricity in the house, departments and the local authorities switch off the power supplies to the lamp post, advertisement boards and whatsoever that consume eletricity outside the residential areas, as to my understanding.. for 60 mins or 1 hour.

Earth Hour is a global effort of voluntarily shutting down electricity in homes, offices, public places and commercials establishments. It is a campaign againts 'Green House Effect'.. Make it simple lar..Campaign againts global warming due consumption of electricity especially at night time.

Earth Hour is being held under the auspices of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Earth Hour was launched in Australia on March 31, 2007 with over two million people and 2,100 businesses in Sydney turning off their lights for 60 minutes. In 2008, 50 million people in 370 cities participated with lights going out in New York’s Times Square, Rome’s Coliseum and even the remote Casey Station in Antarctica.

Right now we have 1,760 cities, towns and municipalities in 80 countries have already committed to VOTE EARTH for Earth Hour 2009, as part of the worlds first global election between Earth and global warming. (visit

As to Malaysian, the Earth Hour Day will be held on 28th March at 08:30 pm. So guys, remember this date and let us participate in switching of our electricity in the house exactly at 8:30 pm till 09:30 pm..but remember, don't ever switch of the refrigerator and your home security alarm ok. I think U know the risk he he.. Thank to those who will be participating in the 'Earth Hour Day'. Save the earth!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Nice Stupid Playground!..

Last Friday the 13th, Me & my son Daryl went to the Klinik Kesihatan Stakan,7th mile. It was me who wanted to do the medical check-up. We drove in and park next to the sign board of the entrance gate. After registered for the appointment, we went to the playground where we used to visit each time we go there. Nothing changed much accept the playground is getting old and old each passing day. This used to be such a merrier playground.. now seems dull..
Very obvious one is the carpet blocks floor are now fading.. turn to black due to rain and moisturized. It can cause your child's pants dirty when they fall on the floor eventhough it is safe. And of course their shoes also can get dirt and when you lift up your kid.. then your shirt turns black coz of their dirty shoes sole.. Last time back in 2005, the floor was still dry and in good condition. On that time Daryl was only a few months old. I guess the authorithy never changed it since that..

There aslo a sign of crack on the yellow slider. Must be heavy kids slide on that board or bapak orang yang main kat sia. ha ha!..
The back door used to be opened for children to enter the so called nice stupid playground from inside the building..
The broken cap and uncovered power point.. Dangerous to kids if they pointing it with metal object.
The signs are good on display so that public are aware of it but unfortunately the sight were covered by branches. Motorist and car driver might not noticing it. Only after they park their vehicles. Too late if someone wanna honk you!..

Ok enough of that nice stupid playground. The service rendeer here is good. Now the gave us the small piece of sheet that indicates the time frame of doctor's consultation. Like mine, it was only took 5mins for a doctor to consult me. Ok, i guess it was quite fast enough. Immediately I brought the med. prescription to the pharmacy and took my medicine.

After that, me and Daryl went to have a breakfast. We went to one of my favourite mee spot at 7th mile, the Jooly Good Food Court. Here, one the hawker sells tasty mix soup mee (he he.. for non muslim only). My son loves the soup... Only Rm3.50 bahh..!

After we had finish our breakfast, we went back to my brother-in law's place coz i need to go to work on that day. Daryl took a nap right at the back seat, right after enjoying his breakfast..
Stomach full I guess. Well fellas.. have a nice day ahead!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy New Year Part II....

Dear readers,

Still remember the incident of Happy New Year....? The incident which happened to my friend's car.. The red wira.

It happenned on that day 6th March; me, Nick, James, Jimmy and Mivec went to Ah Tee's home workshop located at Jln Ong Guan Poh, Kudei, Kuching. And here we are the outcome of his brand new facelift..still being undercoat lah..

So long time taken hahh.. for this car to be completed red painted.. Fuhhh!... luckily mivec is really a patience guy.. ha ha! Oh!.. by the way we call him mivec (his reaal name is Sylvester) coz his engine belly is ported by 1.6 MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve & Lift Electronic Control) almost the same method as VTEC for Honda cars. Anyone who sees his car on the road don't be hesitate to challenge him he he..that if u got the guts!

The rear look of mivec's wira.. look darns good.. Eventhough it takes a long time to be furnished.. the workmanship is quite good.. Not to mention only 2 person working in Ah Tee's workshop that is including himself. No wonder it took 'so long and goodnight-My Chemical Romance' to finish the job he he.. Mivec have to add some more money coz he wanted his wira to be whole red painted.. But I think it's worth his money.. just wait till it's completed.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Remote Control Car (RC) fever..

Hi there guys,

Last week on Friday the 28th Feb, me and my colleagues had a wild thought of engaged in remote control car for our leisure game. So i brought them to 7th miles bazaar, the place where i used to buy RC-Model Toyota Celica. That time was in 2006, used 9.6V batt.

Now we have an upgrade version that use 10V batt. much powerful and last a bit longer. So as we reach there, my colleague Jimmy was the first person who bought the RC followed by James.

Jimmy bought A Subaru Impreza WRX model which was catched our attention seems to be SUBAPU not Subaru lah... huwargh hargh! But it's ok, it's just a name right?.. what matters is the model.

And so James bought a RC model- Nissan Fairlady 350Z. Me and Nick still thinking of what model to buy at that time. We just watching two of our colleagues doing. Not much of the choices RC over there. Later we drove to Everise Shopping Mall 4th Mile..

Haaaa....! in Wonderland.. we can find such a wonder toys over there. Me and Nick hurriedly took an action of seacrhing our favourite RC model. There u are at last, Im buying myself a Nissan Silvis S15.. I think the great looking model so far sold here.. he he.. Don't envy lar geng..

While Nick bought himself a Honda Integra DC5 model. The price offered is RM79.90 but we managed to ask for discount RM70.00 each.. he he.. We are the brilliant persuader aren't we..
Above are Jimmy, James and Nick observing and examine the Integra DC5 model which was later bought by Nick. So at the same day, late afternoon after work, we test drive our brand new models on the road in front of our office parking lot.

The yellow RC was owned by Roslee, the old model with hard cover which was much original look for Subaru Impreza WRX.

We had fun that afternoon until we planned to slot in this activity in our department's family day outing soon!.. As you can see, my Nissan Silvia S15( silver colour) is outstanding of all model ha ha!.. Till next game.