Friday, March 27, 2009

The memories remains..

Sometime when we think back of our past, funny how time flies by so fast. Lask week I wondering of organized a clean up schedule for myself to tidy up the store at the backyard of my home. I looked at my RX-Z bike that i left there for almost two years sun bathing all the time..

This used to be my daily transport to my workplace.

Then, as i look around i saw my wife's mountain bike. She own this bike when were both still enggaged, and now it was dumped left alone there.. The RX-Z also was own by me when we're enggaged. Before that I own only Proton Iswara till now. We used to hang around with this RX-Z when we were still dating he he.. and with the Iswara also.

The moutain bike, although punctured but still chain locked for safety reason.
Takut kena curi lah ya..

My previous iswara exhaust. Last time I like the raoming sound but later after married, I hate the sound. Annoying my music listening in the car. Now my car sound much better and smoother with the new exhaust.

Until now I'm still planning to tidy up my store.. when to do huh??.. All those things that I have seen bring back all those sweet n bitter memories of our romancing stories those back in the yesteryears. And now, we have two adorable kids!..

- Dylan Ivan and Daryl Emerson -

All this times both of us feel blessed that God has grant us with children and all the things that we possibly need in our daily life. And looking at my backyard store always make me smiles and those memories are still remains deep inside of me..


Willie said...

Yo bro. Kesian when i see all those items. Remembered u told me about the lost of your green card. Hahaha...

We still have old bikes in kpg. Still well-maintained. Kepp those things nicely bro.

designationjazz said...

reptoz> Yeah.. but for the RXZ maybe be disposed of someday.. Not worth it to maintain.

Bb Hussain said...

buang buang mana yang tak patut tu..tak pun buat satu muzium untuk barang2 antik..hhehehe..

designationjazz said...

BB> Ish...ish ish.. Tak patut, tak patut.. Bagus wa jual buat tukun he he..