Thursday, February 26, 2009

Expect the unexpectation..

Yesterday, I bought a compilation CD from Salvation Book Centre at Wisma Saberkas Kuching. Me and Nick went up to the 5th floor and entered the washroom. After a while i came out 1st. While waiting for him, i went near the Salvation BC to read the advertisement attached to the glass wall. Then i thought of looking for a CD audio. It's been a long time since i haven't buy CD of Christian songs. I was looking for Petra Cd actually but non of it was in the outlet.

While looking and lingered around the CD shelves, the lady was known to be the outlet manager played one of the CD. After a while several songs played on air.. I mean in the outlet lar.. I asked the lady which CDs she was playing and she pointed to me and brought me to the shelves where the CD was allocated.

Without hesitation, I bought the CD for RM43.90- It got 2 CDs.. Yepp.. worth for the price! I even didn't do the testing coz i believe the CD was in good quality.. not pirated one lah.. In the office i tear off the plastic cover and tested it on my pc. I opened the inlay card and to my supprised, I just did a charity by buying the product distributed by Salvation group of company, Malaysia. Part of the profit will be donated to Shaohanah's Hope-An orphan ministry founded by Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman.

For all Christian fellows out there, you should try this CD.. WOW !... the music is contemporary rock and rythm. Nice hearing and relaxing while driving.. For this part you can listen and drive and Don't ever drink and drive.. K guys..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today i would like to talk about Gen-Y.. not Gen.2 (Proton car) ok..
Those who born before new millenium was called Generation-X.. Like me, born in the 70's.
And my kids are Genertaion-Y? I wonder why huh..?

I'm sure you guys still rememberback in the year towards 2000, the world afraid of the computer generated system corrupted by the digital error so called Y2K.. At that time i was informed that computer generated system are programmed in auto calculation of date in past, present and future are not meant for the year 2000 and above. Rrrrr... u get what i mean?

Anyway kids nowadays are called Generation-Y.. Maybe by the year 3000 all communities are called Gen-Z ha ha!... My kids cute huhh..?? and adorable.. The eldest one never know that he is Gen-Y but he's already holding the alphabet Y! Amazing huh..

Monday, February 23, 2009

Have you ever paid 30Cents.....?

Greetings everyone,

Have u ever paid 30 cents for just using the public washroom in Malaysia?.. Guess what.. sure you will have to pay 30cents for the sake of your nature call he he.. at 1Borneo hypermall, KK Sabah. Compare to shoping malls ava. in Kuching, 1Borneo is the largest in the east Malaysia.

Last Oktober 2008 we attended a course in Tang Dynasty hotel, KK and in december and again in January 2009 still in Tang Dynasty Hotel, KK for a different type of courses.. Why Tang Dynasty selalu hah?.. Best gilak kah?..Ok lar not bad for a 3 stars rated.. i guess..

Ok back in 1Borneo, for sure you have to pay 30cents for entering the washroom.. Why that expensive huh?.. The photo taken in Dec 2008, and i know why it cost you so much.. See..each of the pee bowls attached with LCD screen for advertisements.. So now you know it. While you pee you can get informations in front of you ha ha.. Looks nice and not boring to pee..I don't know about the ladies washroom but still, ladies out there have to pay the same rated as gents washroom.

Enough of the toilet stories.. My point of view is.. KK is much beautiful than Kch. Maybe it's very near to the coast. Anyway each places have their own beauties and uniques..

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy New Year everyone!!

Dear all,

Happy New Year 2009 everyone!!I hope it's not to late..
Actually i'm too lazy to review my blog since last post, posted last year.. he he..
But i'm very much in putting my effort in chord arrangments for severals songs. It's for my band.

Ohh! by the way, my band name- "Disenchanted Jammerz" formed in the late yr 2007.
Our 1st performance was in dewan serbaguna Matang Malihah for fund rasing to MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional) organisation. ok enough of that, i'll mention it furthermore of our band in next post..

Last but not least, upper is the image of our vocalist car..damage hit by someone who rushed reversing saga aeroback that was known not his car.. he he pity on him.. That's why don't reverse laju-laju bah... Anywhere that man had to pay RM1450 for the damaged.. he he padan muka.. It's was happened in 14 January if i'm not mistaken lah. Until now my friend's wira stil in the workshop. Now got new facelift and body kit.. Kira kacak agi dari dolok lah..

Till next post. Adios amigos!..