Thursday, February 26, 2009

Expect the unexpectation..

Yesterday, I bought a compilation CD from Salvation Book Centre at Wisma Saberkas Kuching. Me and Nick went up to the 5th floor and entered the washroom. After a while i came out 1st. While waiting for him, i went near the Salvation BC to read the advertisement attached to the glass wall. Then i thought of looking for a CD audio. It's been a long time since i haven't buy CD of Christian songs. I was looking for Petra Cd actually but non of it was in the outlet.

While looking and lingered around the CD shelves, the lady was known to be the outlet manager played one of the CD. After a while several songs played on air.. I mean in the outlet lar.. I asked the lady which CDs she was playing and she pointed to me and brought me to the shelves where the CD was allocated.

Without hesitation, I bought the CD for RM43.90- It got 2 CDs.. Yepp.. worth for the price! I even didn't do the testing coz i believe the CD was in good quality.. not pirated one lah.. In the office i tear off the plastic cover and tested it on my pc. I opened the inlay card and to my supprised, I just did a charity by buying the product distributed by Salvation group of company, Malaysia. Part of the profit will be donated to Shaohanah's Hope-An orphan ministry founded by Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman.

For all Christian fellows out there, you should try this CD.. WOW !... the music is contemporary rock and rythm. Nice hearing and relaxing while driving.. For this part you can listen and drive and Don't ever drink and drive.. K guys..


Willie said...

Thank u for supporting Christian musics and buying original.

designationjazz said...

reptoz> ya semestinya bro..