Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy New Year everyone!!

Dear all,

Happy New Year 2009 everyone!!I hope it's not to late..
Actually i'm too lazy to review my blog since last post, posted last year.. he he..
But i'm very much in putting my effort in chord arrangments for severals songs. It's for my band.

Ohh! by the way, my band name- "Disenchanted Jammerz" formed in the late yr 2007.
Our 1st performance was in dewan serbaguna Matang Malihah for fund rasing to MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional) organisation. ok enough of that, i'll mention it furthermore of our band in next post..

Last but not least, upper is the image of our vocalist car..damage hit by someone who rushed reversing saga aeroback that was known not his car.. he he pity on him.. That's why don't reverse laju-laju bah... Anywhere that man had to pay RM1450 for the damaged.. he he padan muka.. It's was happened in 14 January if i'm not mistaken lah. Until now my friend's wira stil in the workshop. Now got new facelift and body kit.. Kira kacak agi dari dolok lah..

Till next post. Adios amigos!..

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