Monday, February 23, 2009

Have you ever paid 30Cents.....?

Greetings everyone,

Have u ever paid 30 cents for just using the public washroom in Malaysia?.. Guess what.. sure you will have to pay 30cents for the sake of your nature call he he.. at 1Borneo hypermall, KK Sabah. Compare to shoping malls ava. in Kuching, 1Borneo is the largest in the east Malaysia.

Last Oktober 2008 we attended a course in Tang Dynasty hotel, KK and in december and again in January 2009 still in Tang Dynasty Hotel, KK for a different type of courses.. Why Tang Dynasty selalu hah?.. Best gilak kah?..Ok lar not bad for a 3 stars rated.. i guess..

Ok back in 1Borneo, for sure you have to pay 30cents for entering the washroom.. Why that expensive huh?.. The photo taken in Dec 2008, and i know why it cost you so much.. See..each of the pee bowls attached with LCD screen for advertisements.. So now you know it. While you pee you can get informations in front of you ha ha.. Looks nice and not boring to pee..I don't know about the ladies washroom but still, ladies out there have to pay the same rated as gents washroom.

Enough of the toilet stories.. My point of view is.. KK is much beautiful than Kch. Maybe it's very near to the coast. Anyway each places have their own beauties and uniques..


Willie said...

Harga minyak naik. Kencing pun kluar minyak. Hahahaha

designationjazz said...

willie-Yes you're right not left.. he he