Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today i would like to talk about Gen-Y.. not Gen.2 (Proton car) ok..
Those who born before new millenium was called Generation-X.. Like me, born in the 70's.
And my kids are Genertaion-Y? I wonder why huh..?

I'm sure you guys still rememberback in the year towards 2000, the world afraid of the computer generated system corrupted by the digital error so called Y2K.. At that time i was informed that computer generated system are programmed in auto calculation of date in past, present and future are not meant for the year 2000 and above. Rrrrr... u get what i mean?

Anyway kids nowadays are called Generation-Y.. Maybe by the year 3000 all communities are called Gen-Z ha ha!... My kids cute huhh..?? and adorable.. The eldest one never know that he is Gen-Y but he's already holding the alphabet Y! Amazing huh..


Bb said...

yup..your kids are really cute..

designationjazz said...

Bb> Yup.. they r..he he..thanks.

Willie said...

Good info. there bro. I think the next one should be generation Z. And who got the generation A?

Anonymous said...

uhhh...i think generation A has bitten the dust, willie..komonla nick promo kawasan rumah ya...and komonla...ten minutes please nganu Nyea.

designationjazz said...

reptoz> Gen-A...rrrrrr Dinosaur kot??

crabhacker> comonlarr... ok yr cat is cute but mine the cutest he he..