Friday, June 26, 2009

One of a kind!

Here are photos of my son n my nephew. I was suprised to see that both of them gave a facial expression

one of a kind!

My nephew pic was mms by my brother after
I took a shot on Daryl's earlier
on the same day, 24th May 2009.


Daryl Emerson

What a coincidence. Funny isn't it?..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tour of Duty II

Well, I'm free now. On my 2nd entry, we continue our journey back from Simunjan after our task had finished. But before that we had our lunch at the food stall just next to the wet market. After we had enough, then we moved back to Serian. On the way back to Serian we stopped by at Balai Ringin to do inspection on sundry shops and the wet market.

Balai Ringin a small town in between Serian and Simunjan. Well technically, it is in beetween Serian and Sri Aman. For those who never stop by there, here are some of the photo shots;

A shop row. There are 3 sundries shops and 1 workshop.
Far ahead is a food stall.

A jetty. That moment, the river was in low tide.

The fismongers was doing the weight scaling upon river Tilapia for sale.

From Balai Ringin we went back to Serian before we went to my parents place for an overnight stay. We had BBQ that night and I can see that all of us are having fun BBQuing! After this, I slot in our activities shots for summary of my tour of duty on 21st June, coz it take to much time for story telling and pics upload hehe..

A burnt Syn Joon Miaw supermarket in Serian. The upper storey was
burntdown and it was on fire exactly in 1st June as told.

We BBQ Tilapia fish, hot dogs and chics wings.. fuhhh! so tasty and
it was marinated by Goh and Kaf. Well done guys..

An old 'smallville' of Pasar Lama Tebedu.. located about 55km from Serian.

Our old Land cruiser filling gas at the Petronas gas station in Tebedu.
Can U imagine a bumpy ride on this 4wheeler..

Fizal, Kaf n Goh taking their dishes for lunch.. Arghh!... starving.
Located at SEDC shoplots, Serian. This shoplots was meant for bumiputera entrepreneurs only.

Our driver, Apai managed to get a haircut at the barbershop located
at the MDS market, Serian

Fizal taking the price of vegetables at the wet market,
next to the fishmongers vendors, Serian.

After we had done on our task, I bought 3 kilos of kampung rice for my baby. For making porridge. We are tired but still have the energy to smile and jokes among ourselves. The next day is Monday! hahh! no relax at all.. Have to continue working on the 1st day of the new week...
Wish someone can do a massage for me.. Body aching on the bumpy ride for 2 consecutive days, and it's on weekend!! everybody were resting but us??
NO comments he he..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My tour of duty

I would like to share with you my tour of duty on 20th - 21st June 2009. I was assigned for an outstation job on that particular day. Me and 3 of my colleagues and a driver moved with and old Toyota Land Cruiser from Kuching in the morning. Actually we already booked a brand new Toyota Fortuner for us the day before the departed, but something mixed up and we had to move using the Land Cruiser. So guess what? I got a headache due to the bumpy ride all the way to Simunjan. All the suspension system geting stiff coz it has not been replaced since the last replacement. The 4 wheeler is waiting to be forfeited..

On the way to Simunjan, it happenned there was an accident occured at the Kuching-Serian road near miles29. I asked our driver stop us by the roadside coz I wanna took a shot of the incident. I asked a man on what has happened. From the information that I get, the lady and her baby in the black Viva was severely injured. 1 kid also injured and the driver, a male was badly hurt on his forehead.

A badly damaged Viva.

wrecked Mazda van.

I was told that the accident occured due to one lorry wanted to make an illegal U-turn and most probably coz panic to both viva and the van drivers which came on opposite directions. The Viva hit the front part of the lorry while the van hit the rear part of the lorry. I don't know about the van driver condition because I was in a hurry to snap pics.

After that we moved to Serian town for breakfast. After we had our breakfast, we're heading straight for Simunjan town which is about 100-150km from Kuching.

On the way headed to Simunjan, we had to stop by at Hospital Simunjan coz one of my friend got his nature called. He had to stand stomachache about more than 10km just to reach the Hospital washroom ha ha!..

the center park of Simunjan town.

One of the shop row at Simunjan.

Well, I have to stop here coz the pic upload is slow and I have something urgent to catch up! I'll continue on next entry.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weird but True!

I managed to snap pictures of one place that seems to me is weird...
A graveyard in between the housing area! While I was coming back from work, I decided to snap a few pic. of this place which I was known by it a long time ago... not so long lah..

Actually I knew this place in 2008. I just wanted to share with you the reality bites of my article. So I drove in this housing area and captured a few snaps of the so called 'beautiful scenery'...
don't you think so??

This graveyard is actually the original site for a burial belongs to Anglican community. I heard that the developer had proposed to buy this piece of land and as a compensation, they will moved all the tombs to the new place. It is because they wanted to develop the houses and not wanted the graveyard to be in the middle of the housing area. But the locals or villagers were disaggreed and wanted to maintain the site for their community graveyard. So, that how's it goes..

A weird but true scenery in the midlle of the housing area...

U can see the cemeteries on the top of the hill surrounded by
a bunch of
single-storey terraced houses.

The gateway to the graveyard.....the photo taken from
the main road of the housing area.

I'm sure not many Kuchingites know this place.. Only those who bought the house there and those who visited their friends and family over there.. Eh! seems like DiGi prepaid ads quotation! he he..

Well, this place is called Midway Crescent Garden, Kota Samarahan. I heard of several strange stories from the residents that lives nearby. It's scary to them but for me, I'm not afraid of no ghost! Come on! Have faith. If you believe in God, there's noting to fear off, right?

Have a tour there guys!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Official aka 2 day vacation trip in KK

On 15th June, I'm off flew to the Land Below the Wind and landed in KK approximately 4:55 pm.. the touchdown! I was sleeping all the way flight from Kch to KK, Sabah. On board I met a new friend, a malay lady was working with the Natural Resources And Environment Board in Kuching. She was friendly and we chatted for a while. I noticed that she's not sleeping because all the way flight she was reading a book.

Mckenzie and Andy sitting on the bar panel texting sms while waiting
for que aboard a taxi.

A long que..

As we arrived at the KK airport, we had to que for a cab becoz at that moment the main road in KK was in traffic congestion. It's hard to get a taxi during the after working hours..

My friend, Halimah is looking for something to buy as a souvenir at
the Pasar Kraftangan.

The promising and tasty squids, prawns and ikan bakar... U should try the ikan bakar 'Uji Rashid'.
If U ask them why Uji Rashid, definitely u'll will laugh becoz of the answer.

my breakfast at the Imperial International Hotel..

A view from the rooftop restaurant of Imperial International Hotel.

A place where we had our lunch on the next day after arrival at the Center Point.
The food? was ok with much varieties..

I bought clothes for me, wife and my 2 kids at Ngiu Kee, Center Point.
Got cheap sale ma..

Liza trying her new shoes bought at Svezsqi, Center Point.
Lastly she bought the white color pair.

My dinner at the 1901 stall in the boarding terminal, KK airport..
Great set of Chicken Coney Dog?? why huh they call it 'Dog' instead of hotdog..

My flight back to Kuching was at 07:45 pm, last flight on that day. I got many pics to upload but so little time to do, coz i got so many things to do.. he he..
until next time.. Sayonara KK..

Friday, June 12, 2009

Going to 'Land Below the Wind' again..

I'm going to the Sabah again next Monday,15th June for an official matters.

Three of us here will be going there for a one night stay in Kota Kinabalu.. My last visit to KK if I'm not mistaken was in February 2009, attending a 3 days course organized by our ministry.

sure miss the BBQ crabs, prawns, cuttlefish n fish over there... (Dec '08)

BED - Best Entertainment Destination... nice entertaining lounge
to watch a live band performance.

Oregano cafe at the waterfront- a taste of coconut drinks.

RC cars at 1Borneo... my favourite model-Nissan Silvia S-15!

Here we can find dried cuttlefish, prawns, kuih cincin and next these vendors
is Pasar Kraftangan where U can find a lot of T-Shirts, handcrafted accessories etc..

Tanjung Aru beach. Goshhh.. I love the beach..

Well, I'm gonna see it again on 15-16 June... wait for me KK..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Before, During and After Gawai Dayak..

I'm back now after a long vacation for a great weekends and nice holiday..
Here are some of the snapshots taken during the said mentioned title for this post.
It's all taken by me with a Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 smartphone which was sold cheap! cheap! cheap!... yeahh!!... by Ms Crabhacker.. he he.. you're my best friend ever!!

My RC car.. drifting with Roslee on the last day working before
vacation on 30th May.(29th May)

Daryl.. smiling after we both finished swimming and flapping legs
in the Santubong Resort's pool (30th May)

Sunset at Santubong beach.. such a peace surrounding...(30th May)

At the main entrance of Sarawak Cultural Village (31st May)

BBQ at Palm Beach Resort, Sematan.. (3rd June)

Mr. & Mrs. Norris on their wedding receiption..
Such a lovely couple (6th June)

Daryl and Dylan.. thinking of how much longer to wait
for a candle blowing.. (7th June)

The fallen tree at tthe main road near Samarindah housing area, Kota Samarahan. (7th June).

Well... Tat's it guys.. Can't wait to watch the movie "Transformers : Revenge of the fallen" on 24th June in the cinemas preview all over Malaysia.. he he..