Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tour of Duty II

Well, I'm free now. On my 2nd entry, we continue our journey back from Simunjan after our task had finished. But before that we had our lunch at the food stall just next to the wet market. After we had enough, then we moved back to Serian. On the way back to Serian we stopped by at Balai Ringin to do inspection on sundry shops and the wet market.

Balai Ringin a small town in between Serian and Simunjan. Well technically, it is in beetween Serian and Sri Aman. For those who never stop by there, here are some of the photo shots;

A shop row. There are 3 sundries shops and 1 workshop.
Far ahead is a food stall.

A jetty. That moment, the river was in low tide.

The fismongers was doing the weight scaling upon river Tilapia for sale.

From Balai Ringin we went back to Serian before we went to my parents place for an overnight stay. We had BBQ that night and I can see that all of us are having fun BBQuing! After this, I slot in our activities shots for summary of my tour of duty on 21st June, coz it take to much time for story telling and pics upload hehe..

A burnt Syn Joon Miaw supermarket in Serian. The upper storey was
burntdown and it was on fire exactly in 1st June as told.

We BBQ Tilapia fish, hot dogs and chics wings.. fuhhh! so tasty and
it was marinated by Goh and Kaf. Well done guys..

An old 'smallville' of Pasar Lama Tebedu.. located about 55km from Serian.

Our old Land cruiser filling gas at the Petronas gas station in Tebedu.
Can U imagine a bumpy ride on this 4wheeler..

Fizal, Kaf n Goh taking their dishes for lunch.. Arghh!... starving.
Located at SEDC shoplots, Serian. This shoplots was meant for bumiputera entrepreneurs only.

Our driver, Apai managed to get a haircut at the barbershop located
at the MDS market, Serian

Fizal taking the price of vegetables at the wet market,
next to the fishmongers vendors, Serian.

After we had done on our task, I bought 3 kilos of kampung rice for my baby. For making porridge. We are tired but still have the energy to smile and jokes among ourselves. The next day is Monday! hahh! no relax at all.. Have to continue working on the 1st day of the new week...
Wish someone can do a massage for me.. Body aching on the bumpy ride for 2 consecutive days, and it's on weekend!! everybody were resting but us??
NO comments he he..


Willie said...

Hehehe..sib baik sik terjumpa telur penyu atau ular atau labi labi utk BBQ.

Bb Hussain said...

waahh..sempat ber BBQ during the woo..emm..did u go to Tebedu..or this place near to Tebedu..tell me about Tebedu..i really want to know about it..heheheh

designationjazz said...

Willie> he he actually we had a dinosaur egg to BBQ but i'm afraid that all them fainted when come to see one..

Bb> The smallville that u've seen is an old town of tebedu. The gas station is near the new Tebedu town. It is called Pekan Mutiara. We managed to go across the Custom checkpoint but we dont stopped by as we only want to go round and round.. Last time people fm S'wak like to shop across the border here but now they shift to Serikin. At this point, they called it Entikong, is a place where traders of Kalimantan doing trade with people who come down from S'wak, like what U've did in Serikin last time. Now we don go thr anymore due to safety reasons. Coz it is on Indonesia authorithy unlike Serikin, still under Sarawak.