Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My August activities..

Hi all, It’s been quite sometimes that I haven’t go through my bloglist and read some of my friends’ blog here. I’ve been quite buzy with my daily activities and workload. But one thing for sure.. I’ll find a time for me and my bandmates to jamm during night time and spend my time with my kids and wife.

On the 6th to 8th August, 2010 I was attending a Team Building course at

Grand Borneo Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. Me and several of my colleagues were selected for the course which was conducted by the company from Peninsular Malaysia called Success Touch.

It was a great course, everybody were having fun. Eventhough the course took place at the hotel and we had our early morning exercise at the hotel courtyard, but still it was fun thing to do.. ;-)

Here are some pics:-

Jesselton was a former name for Kota Kinabalu as being told.

enjoying my fresh lime juice... slurrppp!... ;-)

One of the activity during the course: to form a Formula 1 pit crews

We had our bowling tournament at 1 Borneo Hypermall

Saturday nite out at the open air market

The consultant : Success Touch

One of my leisure time at home is riffing my guitar. Sometimes my

son, Daryl accompany me and interrupt my playing by requesting to play

the guitar. He is getting expert in handling the electric guitar nowadays. Now he can hold and play my another Ibanez guitar beside the Ibanez S420. This time around is my adorable Ibanez guitar, the Ibanez JS100.

The Ibanez JS100 has sleek design and not heavy due to the body is

made of Basswood. A bit lighter than Mahogany wood. I’m sure for the guitarist, they know by what I’ve meant. You can look at the glimpse of his face showing his confidence and progress in learning to play the right tone! ;-)

see.. he is so confident!

I believe one day, he's gonna be an expert in guitar! ;-)

I got so many pics to download but as you may know, blogging is quite time consuming.. hehe

Till next post.. Have a nice day!..