Thursday, June 18, 2009

Official aka 2 day vacation trip in KK

On 15th June, I'm off flew to the Land Below the Wind and landed in KK approximately 4:55 pm.. the touchdown! I was sleeping all the way flight from Kch to KK, Sabah. On board I met a new friend, a malay lady was working with the Natural Resources And Environment Board in Kuching. She was friendly and we chatted for a while. I noticed that she's not sleeping because all the way flight she was reading a book.

Mckenzie and Andy sitting on the bar panel texting sms while waiting
for que aboard a taxi.

A long que..

As we arrived at the KK airport, we had to que for a cab becoz at that moment the main road in KK was in traffic congestion. It's hard to get a taxi during the after working hours..

My friend, Halimah is looking for something to buy as a souvenir at
the Pasar Kraftangan.

The promising and tasty squids, prawns and ikan bakar... U should try the ikan bakar 'Uji Rashid'.
If U ask them why Uji Rashid, definitely u'll will laugh becoz of the answer.

my breakfast at the Imperial International Hotel..

A view from the rooftop restaurant of Imperial International Hotel.

A place where we had our lunch on the next day after arrival at the Center Point.
The food? was ok with much varieties..

I bought clothes for me, wife and my 2 kids at Ngiu Kee, Center Point.
Got cheap sale ma..

Liza trying her new shoes bought at Svezsqi, Center Point.
Lastly she bought the white color pair.

My dinner at the 1901 stall in the boarding terminal, KK airport..
Great set of Chicken Coney Dog?? why huh they call it 'Dog' instead of hotdog..

My flight back to Kuching was at 07:45 pm, last flight on that day. I got many pics to upload but so little time to do, coz i got so many things to do.. he he..
until next time.. Sayonara KK..


Bb Hussain said...

erkk..cannot see the pictures of food.. droolling..hehehehhe

C.Alv.B said...

Hahahhaa.. why not called me? if not I bring you to the place of 'heaven food' hehee

Norris said... amai...jalan-jalan kerja cari makan gak..ehehehehhe
best gak keja federal tok...

designationjazz said...

BB> yepp.. I purposely posted about food just for you.. he he..

Calvb> really??.. It's ok nxt time i'll call u for a tour fm KK to Kundasang haha!

Norris> Hi Norris.. welcome to my blog world.. Shift job lar to federal he he..

Willie said...

Wah..bro aku lamak sik pergi jeles lah...u selalu pergi.

designationjazz said...

Willie> Someday u'll go there bro, i'm sure. In fact, i'll go there every year on official matters.