Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My tour of duty

I would like to share with you my tour of duty on 20th - 21st June 2009. I was assigned for an outstation job on that particular day. Me and 3 of my colleagues and a driver moved with and old Toyota Land Cruiser from Kuching in the morning. Actually we already booked a brand new Toyota Fortuner for us the day before the departed, but something mixed up and we had to move using the Land Cruiser. So guess what? I got a headache due to the bumpy ride all the way to Simunjan. All the suspension system geting stiff coz it has not been replaced since the last replacement. The 4 wheeler is waiting to be forfeited..

On the way to Simunjan, it happenned there was an accident occured at the Kuching-Serian road near miles29. I asked our driver stop us by the roadside coz I wanna took a shot of the incident. I asked a man on what has happened. From the information that I get, the lady and her baby in the black Viva was severely injured. 1 kid also injured and the driver, a male was badly hurt on his forehead.

A badly damaged Viva.

wrecked Mazda van.

I was told that the accident occured due to one lorry wanted to make an illegal U-turn and most probably coz panic to both viva and the van drivers which came on opposite directions. The Viva hit the front part of the lorry while the van hit the rear part of the lorry. I don't know about the van driver condition because I was in a hurry to snap pics.

After that we moved to Serian town for breakfast. After we had our breakfast, we're heading straight for Simunjan town which is about 100-150km from Kuching.

On the way headed to Simunjan, we had to stop by at Hospital Simunjan coz one of my friend got his nature called. He had to stand stomachache about more than 10km just to reach the Hospital washroom ha ha!..

the center park of Simunjan town.

One of the shop row at Simunjan.

Well, I have to stop here coz the pic upload is slow and I have something urgent to catch up! I'll continue on next entry.



Willie said...

Hehe...I saw the accident, but was lazy to stop. Jauh jyga u pergi simunjan?

Bb Hussain said...

pity your friend to wait for 10km for his nature call.. No petrol station along the route?

designationjazz said...

Willie> yep.. U kno my job need to go out from the office sometimes.

Bb> yepp.. pity on him coz we made fun of his situation, but he just calm down. Sabar sabar...

James Uzitter said...

yaa mesti fizal boroi yaa mala jak "nature call".

designationjazz said...

James> ha ha! fizal boroi..