Thursday, March 19, 2009


Remember the Earth Hour Day..

Earth Hour Day has been started since 2007 and it took place in Sydney Australia. It has been three years now, more and more cities are joining the earthly campaign. Anywhere, 'Earth Hour Day' means that citizens of country that participating will switch off the electricity in the house, departments and the local authorities switch off the power supplies to the lamp post, advertisement boards and whatsoever that consume eletricity outside the residential areas, as to my understanding.. for 60 mins or 1 hour.

Earth Hour is a global effort of voluntarily shutting down electricity in homes, offices, public places and commercials establishments. It is a campaign againts 'Green House Effect'.. Make it simple lar..Campaign againts global warming due consumption of electricity especially at night time.

Earth Hour is being held under the auspices of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Earth Hour was launched in Australia on March 31, 2007 with over two million people and 2,100 businesses in Sydney turning off their lights for 60 minutes. In 2008, 50 million people in 370 cities participated with lights going out in New York’s Times Square, Rome’s Coliseum and even the remote Casey Station in Antarctica.

Right now we have 1,760 cities, towns and municipalities in 80 countries have already committed to VOTE EARTH for Earth Hour 2009, as part of the worlds first global election between Earth and global warming. (visit

As to Malaysian, the Earth Hour Day will be held on 28th March at 08:30 pm. So guys, remember this date and let us participate in switching of our electricity in the house exactly at 8:30 pm till 09:30 pm..but remember, don't ever switch of the refrigerator and your home security alarm ok. I think U know the risk he he.. Thank to those who will be participating in the 'Earth Hour Day'. Save the earth!


Willie said...

aaron takut gelap.

designationjazz said...

Reptoz> don't woory lar.. Use candles to light up your house he he

Bb said...

i'll switch off the electricity in my house and go to the shopping mall..they won't switch off the mall electricity right..hehehe..

designationjazz said...

Bb> Yeaa u'r right.Mayb U can go the cineplex watch Dragonball.. ;-)