Monday, March 16, 2009

Nice Stupid Playground!..

Last Friday the 13th, Me & my son Daryl went to the Klinik Kesihatan Stakan,7th mile. It was me who wanted to do the medical check-up. We drove in and park next to the sign board of the entrance gate. After registered for the appointment, we went to the playground where we used to visit each time we go there. Nothing changed much accept the playground is getting old and old each passing day. This used to be such a merrier playground.. now seems dull..
Very obvious one is the carpet blocks floor are now fading.. turn to black due to rain and moisturized. It can cause your child's pants dirty when they fall on the floor eventhough it is safe. And of course their shoes also can get dirt and when you lift up your kid.. then your shirt turns black coz of their dirty shoes sole.. Last time back in 2005, the floor was still dry and in good condition. On that time Daryl was only a few months old. I guess the authorithy never changed it since that..

There aslo a sign of crack on the yellow slider. Must be heavy kids slide on that board or bapak orang yang main kat sia. ha ha!..
The back door used to be opened for children to enter the so called nice stupid playground from inside the building..
The broken cap and uncovered power point.. Dangerous to kids if they pointing it with metal object.
The signs are good on display so that public are aware of it but unfortunately the sight were covered by branches. Motorist and car driver might not noticing it. Only after they park their vehicles. Too late if someone wanna honk you!..

Ok enough of that nice stupid playground. The service rendeer here is good. Now the gave us the small piece of sheet that indicates the time frame of doctor's consultation. Like mine, it was only took 5mins for a doctor to consult me. Ok, i guess it was quite fast enough. Immediately I brought the med. prescription to the pharmacy and took my medicine.

After that, me and Daryl went to have a breakfast. We went to one of my favourite mee spot at 7th mile, the Jooly Good Food Court. Here, one the hawker sells tasty mix soup mee (he he.. for non muslim only). My son loves the soup... Only Rm3.50 bahh..!

After we had finish our breakfast, we went back to my brother-in law's place coz i need to go to work on that day. Daryl took a nap right at the back seat, right after enjoying his breakfast..
Stomach full I guess. Well fellas.. have a nice day ahead!

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