Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy New Year Part II....

Dear readers,

Still remember the incident of Happy New Year....? The incident which happened to my friend's car.. The red wira.

It happenned on that day 6th March; me, Nick, James, Jimmy and Mivec went to Ah Tee's home workshop located at Jln Ong Guan Poh, Kudei, Kuching. And here we are the outcome of his brand new facelift..still being undercoat lah..

So long time taken hahh.. for this car to be completed red painted.. Fuhhh!... luckily mivec is really a patience guy.. ha ha! Oh!.. by the way we call him mivec (his reaal name is Sylvester) coz his engine belly is ported by 1.6 MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve & Lift Electronic Control) almost the same method as VTEC for Honda cars. Anyone who sees his car on the road don't be hesitate to challenge him he he..that if u got the guts!

The rear look of mivec's wira.. look darns good.. Eventhough it takes a long time to be furnished.. the workmanship is quite good.. Not to mention only 2 person working in Ah Tee's workshop that is including himself. No wonder it took 'so long and goodnight-My Chemical Romance' to finish the job he he.. Mivec have to add some more money coz he wanted his wira to be whole red painted.. But I think it's worth his money.. just wait till it's completed.

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Willie said...

I hope the quality is good lah