Monday, April 13, 2009

The hitch hikers!

I would to share with you all the experienced that i had gone through last
Easter Sunday.
It happened when me and my family along with niece and her son drove back from Sebangan, Kota Samarahan district.

Along the way down to Kuching, we stopped by at pekan Asajaya along the roadside near the bus stop. There are a few fishmongers selling fishes, crabs and prawns. My wife stepped out of the car and wandering around looking and picking some fish to buy.

Suddenly came 2 Indonesian and knocked my windscreen. They wanted to ask for a favour. One of them got a long hair and the other one is short. They asked me whether I can help them to be the passengers in my car and stopped them by the place called Tambirat, somewhere not far from pekan Asajaya.

My sudden thought is,.. I don't know this guys and from their spoken language I knew they both were Indonesian.

So, I answered to them that I couln't help them because my car is fully occupied. They both started to beg me and said that they were not the bad guys. But still, for the sake of my family safety, I keep refusing to help them. It's not that i don't have a heart but I just concerned of my family riding with the unknown hitch hikers.

After my wife bought a kilo of 'Ikan Gonjeng', I had to say sorry to them and adviced them to wait for a 'Van Sapu'. A service provides by unlicensed chartered van for transportation to desired destination.

Soon after that, a van sapu passed by and I saw both Indonesian hurriedly hitching the van. One thing you ought know is that, if there are foreigners with you and they don't have proper travel documents, you might get arrested by police or Immigresen officer for protecting the illegal immigrants!..

We reach home safely after a long and annointing journey.

So moral of the story..... I just save the day! he he..