Friday, May 15, 2009

Coca cola made in Japan

I accidentally bought this Coca cola drink last Wednesday when i had no small money to pay for the parking ticket at the Spring hypermarket mall, Kuching.
I have several 50 notes and the ticketing vendor said that she had no change for the notes, so I told her that I need to buy thing first to get a chance.

So I lurked around and think of going to Ta Kiong, one of the biggest groceries store in the mall. It happened when i passed the Coca-cola drinks rack near the cashier counters. I feel attracted to it coz it was a drink made in Japan especially when it comes to Coca-cola, my favorite carbonated drink!

The price is as at below,

Seeing is believing right?...

The taste?..

A bit sweeter but less carbonated. The gas easily vaporised than our local made Coca-cola.. Easy to drink faster, U can say that.

Finally I got the 1 bug for my parking fee ticket.
Why huh?? Life is so hard when u don have a small currencies..

Wana have a taste of it? Come to Ta Kiong and try for yourself!
Don't blame me if the taste not suits U.. ha ha!!


C.Alv.B said...

Wah..I shuld try that too...heehe

Willie said...

Nampak besar tin kola ya?

designationjazz said...

C.Alv.B> tnx for being my follower. Anyway if u want to try it, buy a small one and it coz u around Rm4.95..

Willie> yepp.. add on 150 ml free..