Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Palm Beach Sematan facilities.

This post can be considered part two of the previous one. There are 3 resorts allocated in Sematan:

1) Holiday Chalet
2) Sematan Beach Resort
3) Palm Beach Resort

Palm Beach resort got the most facilities for the guest activities and conveniences. Here are some of the snapshots of the facilities provided here;

BBQs pit.. as u can see four of my colleagues!

Palm Beach cafe. Ah Soon with his peace sign!

Shower spot for showering after beach activities.

Bicycles for beach strolling.

Sea front chalets. U can see Jai, the one who is very anxious for a sea swim..

Children playground. The colorful stakes!

Sun bathing benches and Kayaks..

Have a wonderful day ahead!

1 comment:

Willie said...

Hahaha...I was there for a day trip. On the way to sematan ada nice seafood restaurant. Should go there too.