Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gift and lights..

This very morning I went to work early coz my wife taken a leave from today till weekend. So I drove my car alone.. but cheerfully he he..(can u see the glimpse of smile here :-)
with Latin dance beat songs turn-up loud.

While I was driving on the way to my workplace, i was amazed by the beautiful morning scenery; the lights...
So I snapped a few shots of these beautiful scenes;

The sun and the lamp posts!

and the sun will set for you...
(taken from the 'Shadow of the day' song by Linkin Park.)

Lights of the lamp post.

The hornbill.. shine by the light of the sun

SJK Chung Hua No. ?.. errrr.. No. 2 i guess..
You can see the sun exposure at the back.

The lights still on (the attached lamp post) after I parked my car here..
and it was 7.06am.

In the morning briefing, I was sitting next to Nea. She was holding a key chain that captured my attention. This was my convs. with her:

Me > Hey, what is that? (pointing at the small thing in her palm)
Nea> A key chain.
Me > Nice...errr where did u buy that?
Nea> At 100% discount store at Tabuan Jaya.
Me > Nice. Can I see it? (request for holding it)
After a while i asked this;
Me >Can I have it so that you could buy another one later.. he he? (a teasing question)

Nea> Really? U want it??..(a confirmation question i guess)
Me > No lah.. I just joking..(but in my heart, if i have it I will be happy..)
Nea> Here.. I give it to you..

Wahhh!!!... I was so happy coz the gift is so cute-The alloy bottle opener!(foot shaped)... yahooo!!

Me > Thanx!!
Nea> Don't just a thanx you for me...
Me > Errrr!.. (blurr...) ok thanx..(maybe she was hoping something in return like give her a breakfast threat etc...

Our conversation ended here. I could see she's smilling and we continue to listen to the short brief by our superior.

This foot shaped key chain is a bit smaller than Dylan's feet!

I Thanx God for making this day such a beautiful day!

Have a beautiful morning!..


Ivy Metaga said...

wah ha ha..sempat snap masa driving, ktk mmg terer owh, first pictures bagus, cantik jak pemandangan ya, and the gift mmg cute, uihhh...minta lagi satu ngan nea,berik ngan kmk lalalalalllaaa...

Willie said...

Macam suram jak cuaca ya walalupun nang kacak la.

designationjazz said...

Ivy> maksih maksih.. mek memamg terer he he :-p.. Sian nangga Nea mun mta agi.. klak nangis nya.. ha ha!

Willie> Ya, memang kacak dan cool..

Bb Hussain said...

i can see your smile in your sentences.. :)

Mahmood said...

Your blog is very nice. The images are very beautiful. God is Great. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

wah haha..indahnya pagi...

designationjazz said...

Bb> really?... great! coz im smiling now hi hihi.. :-)

Mahmood> thanx for visiting. that shot were taken while i was driving he he..

Krisno> ya bak kata lagu senyum seindah suria..

The Nature Travelers said...

love your pictures of the sunset.

designationjazz said...

Hardy> Actually it's the pic of sunrise.. he he