Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Last night we decided to jamm at 10pm. Nick was the first person who reached the Pearl Jamming Studio, MJC. Immediately after he was loafing at the studio, he sms me. At that moment I was on the road driving with constant speed, smooth, relaxing, no dogs or cats crossing the road... he he, makes me feel cool to rock the studio! What an imagination...

When i reached the studio, I sms Nick to come down and have a cup of tea at the nearest coffee shop. There was a funfair compound nearby and the event is still happening with it's ferris wheel spining, neon lights blinking etc..(to long to describe, so i make it short-quite happening lah..)

While waiting for 3 of our line-up to show up, we ordered drinks and had a chit-chat. After a while, we then went back to the studio and loafed with the studio manager. We waited a bit long until my eyes getting sleepy. Luckily, two of them showed up and im feeling refreshed again.. But there's still one person that haven't show up, Stanly;our bassist.

We called few times and we even sms him, but to our dissapoinment, there was no single answer from him. Where did he go?? Question pop up in my mind. Just before the plan, Nick told me that Stanly will be coming for the jamm and he sounded ok like there was no barrier for him to come down that night.

We wait and wait.. My eyelids getting sleepy and my feelings started to get frustrated. Well everybody seems frustrated at that time. My dream to rock the studio that night all gone, vanished.. Suddenly a sms appeared in our drummer, Harry's mobilephone saying that he was tired and went off sleep early that night. What the heck!..He was all the time snoring while we we waiting for him. This is unacceptable!! All of us were angry with him and I don't know what did Harry replied to him. A magic word I guess.. The clock ticked almost 11:45 pm and we decided to go home..

So I drove home.. I am frustrated but I was still cool driving on the road. I turned up loud the music on the way home. When I reached home, I saw my son Daryl was still awake and crying..tried to search his belongings I guess. His cheeks soaked with tears... I felt pity on him so I asked him,

Me : What are u looking for, Daryl.
Daryl : My wallet (he meant the Bumblebee wallet-He's the no. 1 fan of Transformers!)
Me : There's your wallet.. (by pointing at the top of the TV showcase)

He then took the wallet and asked for his Ben10 cards collection.. Eventhough i'm frustrated about the jamming matters but i can feel and shared his sadness on finding his belongings coz he usually tidy up his belongings before getting sleep. So, I took his Ben10 cards and gave it to him. At that time his facial expression getting a bit cheerful.

Then he asked this;
Daryl : Papa, I wanna watch the new Transformer movie..( I wasn't suprised because he just woke up and it's still early to take a nap).
Me : OK sure..

The clock was nearly 12:30 am. I turned on the DVD player and we both watched the 2nd disc(VCD) of the movie. He sat down while me myself laid down. He still awaken and concentrated on the TV screen. I'll then asked him to lay down. That's my technique to make him go off sleep early rather than sitting.. he he..

Daryl rearranged his Ben10 cards collection.

Suddenly there was another request;
Daryl : Papa, wanna drink milk choccolate... (wahh... very demanding my son..
but it's ok coz I love him. Afterall, his an obedient child)
Me : Daryl wanna drink yea? (a confirmation question)
Daryl : Arr.. (means yes!)

So I made him a drink. It was almost 01:00 am, I asked him to go to sleep coz it's already late. He obeyed me and we went to bed. My wife and my baby seems to have a good night sleep that moment. I was sleepy but I don't get frustrated anymore coz I did chat with Daryl and it made my frustration fade away. What matters is I wanna see Daryl to be happy before he's going for a sleep that night..

So, it does..


Willie said...

Janji dimungkiri. KEsian.

designationjazz said...

yea.. hati membeku mengingatkan kata janji manis mu... oh ohhh!..

Ivy Metaga said...

oh u dgn willie bersaudara ka??

kali kita pernah terserempak di kch, ya lah nampak familiar kan hahahhaa..
selalu mun kmk ada plg ke kch, selalu kayo2 di mjc ya wit my mum..

tq singgah blog kmk, feel free to come again...=)

your son cute eh..

Uzitter : Black Water Edition said...

kesian member nunggu...apa nak magic word yaa..hahaha

good father...full house A..

Anonymous said...

ish! ish! cian...

designationjazz said...

Ivy> Yepp... camney kta tauk? Maybe we did passes by at MJC.. Mek slalu jamm kat sia. I'll visit yr blog again. Tq 4 the compliment!

Uzitter> he he.. paham-paham jak lar mgic words ya..

Kris> ish ish ish.. sobb sobb..

Bb Hussain said...

i pun bengang kalau janji macam ni..good to hear that your frustation fade away when you are with your son..bapa yang penyayang yea..

designationjazz said...

Bb> yea everybody mad at him that night but now ok. I think i deserve bapa mithali this yr ha ha!