Monday, October 26, 2009

FUTSAL Games..

Hey guys, Im back…. After a hectic moments of works, courses and games… Ha ha! I’m I that buzy?? Nahhh… I don’t think so… It’s just my fingertips still like to procrastinate on posting a new entry lately… he he…

Ok… my last weekend activity was Involving in FUTSAL Tournament which was held in Sentosa Sports Centre, Jalan Stakan, Bt 7 Kota Sentosa. I’m sure Kuchingites most likely familiar with this name or know about this place.

This futsal tournament was held by our department and it was a male and female futsal games. There was no mixmatches on that day.

For the male groups, we were divided into 5 groups and the female groups divided into 3 groups. No specific name for the teams, we only grouping by numbers and my team was Group 1.-huh! first in a row!.. wait till you hear the result..hehe..

I brought my son along with me as I want to expose him to the excitement of playing futsal as futsal is one of my favourite game.. I rarely like to play soccer game coz I can’t stand to run in a long distance just to any chances to get a soccer ball!..

At the end of the games, my team was at the 3rd place….*sigh*…

And for the female futsal games, all of the teams involved managed to get no. 1 to 3rd placing as there were only 3 groups matched… ha ha! Eventhough the group was last in a row, they still can get no. 3 isn’t it?..

Anyway it was a fun games, we were tired and feel muscle aching all over the body. Some get their feet swollen.. but mostly muscle pain!

Like I used to hear, this:

No pain No Gain!..

My team was in 3rd place and we brought home Bronze medals.. (actually not really a bronze, it’s just the colour ha ha!)..

Here are some pics of the events:

The happy Daryl by the net..

Tournament in action!

A bunch of female players.

Cindy (left) and her team won the 1st place..

Gosh her team really did play well that day..

Bahamil. His left foot was swollen during the matches.

Daryl not in the mood of photo taking, wearing the medal that I've won..

Adrianna at the back with the laughter of joy for being in the 2nd place.

Have a nice day folks!


Willie said...

Kacak tempat baru tok

designationjazz said...

Willie> Hv u ever been there? Big size of sport ground.. Nice place to play futsal beside Sport Arena, Spg 3.

Ivy Metaga said...

sik berani ku main bola, kmk takut ngan bola hahahaha...mun terkena sakit owhhh...

C.Alv.B said...

Wah..sukan lasak ni.. by the way, congratulations.. si Daryl nampak hensem..hehe

designationjazz said...

Ivy> aik! x patut x patut.. bukannya bola makan ko Ivy.. hehe :-p

Calvb> Thnx.. Do u play futsal?, it's an exciting game once u've tried it. Daryl memang hensem lama.. he he..

Jay said...

lama dah gantung boot bro.. jadi football ja skrg.

Coffee Girl... said...

oooh... im not really into futsal or such. im more into cycles and stuff, but congrats for getting 3rd. :-) anyway, thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

hehe..lamak sik pegi sia..

designationjazz said...

Jay> U shoulb be active bro... u'r still young he he..

Coffee Girl> Thnx for dropping by..
I use to love cycling when i was a teenager, now i prefer mountain hiking and those lassk activities.

Krisno> Polah lah aktiviti utk dept. kta bro.. friendly match ka dgn kamek he he..