Thursday, October 15, 2009


Lately my fingertips become lazy on typing a new entry for my blog... Maybe it's because towards the end of the year and my life is fully loaded with pile of works. It's not that my interest get faded everyday in blogging. I have so many stories to tell but so little time to slot in my entries..

Gosh... those feeling makes me focus more on my outdoor activities such as futsal games, mountain hiking, remote control car drifting, car modifications, jamming and many mores that i merely la
zy to post a new entry..

Help me on this.. Please motivates me on keep on blogging... Coz i
need one..

My hiking activities would be on November as well as I got two family day activities that I will be joining in November and December. Plus I got to attend course somewhere at one of the hotel in Kuching by this coming Sunday...

I hope you don't get bored with my stories... Anyway don't let your feeling throw away your interest in whatever you do.

I have a story to tell you about INTEREST..

My colleague, Adrianna is one of the enthusiasm paintballer in Kuching, and guess what? She was the only girl who team up with guys in the paintball games. Her team is call
D'Virus Redz Shinobi.

Anyone from Kuching who attached to the paintball game should know this team. This team had joint the Kuching Paintball Cup 2009 at Kuching Stadium somewhere in August if i'm not mistaken. This story had been told to me a few months ago and I can hardly recall.

Unfortunately, the were lost in the preliminary round, that what she told me last time... She got passion for the love of the game. Eventhough she's the only female paintballer surrounded by male paintballers, she never thought that she couldn't catch up with those guys. For your info, during the shooting event last time at IPK Batu Kawa, her performance was much better than me.

Her deep interest for this game makes her leaves behind her RC drifting activity. She used to join us before she focused full attention to paintball games. Well, I am proud of her because she is very persistent and she managed to bring up her interest to the higher level of the game.

Until now, the D'Virus Redz Shinobi has only one female player and that is her. I wonder will they recruit another female paintballers in future.. My point of view is that once you have the interest in whatever you do, do it consistenly and never let your surrondings be a wall barrier in whatever you think suites you or best for your body and mind. Well I hope this entry will motivates you...( and I'm the one who thought that I need motivation instead of motivating you guys he he..)

Ms Adrianna - The event was released in the Chinese Newspaper

(can't remember what post he he)

Those who can read chinese characters... what does it means huh?..

The one and only female paintballer in the D'Virus Redz Shinobi..

All the paintball stuffs dumped in her SUV.. Now can occupy 2 persons only!

That's what we called for the love of the game!

Well guys, have a nice day ahead! :-)


Anonymous said... juak main paintball..

Norris said...

sik sakit ka kena tembak? ahahahaha...better tengok....

Ivy Metaga said...

best juak ktk bnyk aktiviti lasak2 owh...
bah tok kmk hembus aura berblogging lok..puh puh puh...

chubskulit said...

Thank you for the visit and comment. Would love to experience shooting paintball guns too..

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Ocean Girl said...

The more activities you have the more there is to blog about. Blog problem arise when there is not much happening in your life :)

Keep on sharing :)

designationjazz said...

Krisno> fuhh!.. memang seronok walaupun gue x pernah mencuba ha ha!

Norris> Sakit.. mun kena part yg x tebal pakaian kita.. sampey lebam..

Ivy> Mek memang suka aktiviti lasak.. k dah dapat aura bloging dah. Thnx!

Chubskulit> You're most welcome. I'll vote for yr daughter later.

Ocean Girl> Yepp..thnx to ivy gvng me the aura of bloging he he..

Bb Hussain said...

love to read your blog..
is that motivate u?..hehe..

designationjazz said...

Bb> really??... TQ TQ.. Im getting motivated now.. he he :-p

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