Thursday, September 10, 2009

The weekenders..

Last week, i did some sort of activities that I've been quite buzy and didn't have enough space for blogging. Here are some pics of my previous activities;
Transformers OST.. I bought it last friday at the Speedy Video, Hock Lee Center.
Daryl loves to listen to it as he is one of the Transformers fan..(04.09.09)

Daryl at the car wash... Still cute huh? for a 4 yr old boy..
Car washed on Sat. morning before went to Santubong Resort (05.09.09)

Daryl and me...Do u guys notice his Bumblebee shirt?..

My legs on the balcony...on Sunday morning.
So calm and pleasant..(06.09.09)

My family.. In front of the Santubong Resort reception.
We take a tour to Damai Puri after breakfast (06.09.09)

Daryl get a haircut.. he's so eager to have a haircut that evening..
Don't know why.. and he keep smilling at us while the the lady cut his hair..

Whoala!... my new look.. (i guess that was on his mind)
Dylan also get a haircut after Daryl... me?? Nopp..

So, that's where we've been during last weekend... Spent a night at Santubong Resort. After all there was a Ramadhan Package promotion-Rm100 per nite. Why don't u give give it a try. Promotion ends until 18 Sept 2009. It is a nice place for family gathering and its has a huge swimming pool. Daryl and Dylan loves to be in the pool..including me he he..

Have a good day everyone!


Anonymous said...

haha...mesti seronok

Ivy Metaga said...

adeh...gambar nampak kaki ngan separuh badan jak..mmg tak begitu misteri ini olang wo...
aihhh..makin cute daryl ngan dylan eh, kmk booking sidak dua jadik bakal menantu kmk kelak wokey lalalala...:p
best owh promotion package kat santubong ya, huhu sik sempat kmk eh, plg kch pun dah 20hb, promotion last 18hb nak huhu

C.Alv.B said...

Transformer die hard fan..hehhee..still keep mysterious..hehhe

designationjazz said...

Krisno> yeppp... semestinya..

Ivy> he he... jgnlah anda diselubungi misteri...-Misteri Nusantara..

Calvb> he he.. wat else can I do..:-)

Bb Hussain said...

daryl is so cute with his new haircut.. :)

Willie said...

Wah Syoknya. Ku lom gik masuk ke damai puri

designationjazz said...

Bb> yeahh! he sure look cute.. thnx!

Wil> wa pun blom check in sia gi.. hehe..