Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unique captures..

I just wanna share with you 9 of my unique snapshots within my photo collections.

1. Circle of friends
(Daryl,Dylan n cousins)

2. Chelsea fans
(Daryl n cousin, Beatrice)

3. Stretching..
(Adrianna n Syvester did some stretching before hiking)

4. Mugs of happiness
(Sold at Palm Beach Resort, Sematan)

5. Mobile ads -With us, the difference in you.
(I don't get it?..)

6. Cool Chic style T-shirt.
( Cooool yeahh..)

7. Pinky
(Centre Point, Kota Kinabalu)

8. Stakes tower cat.
(Our cat)

9. Mdm Then's classic radio in the office.
(She bought it in the 80's and believe it or not, it still functioning till now)

Feel free to comment. Thank you!


Ivy Metaga said...

I really love the 2nd pic

cute sekali juak sidak dua, nampak brutal dan cool cousinnya beatrice ya hehehe...and oppp-kosss...darly sentiasa cute hehe

Anonymous said...

nice photos hehehe..

Black Water Edition said...

Firstly i say Go Chelsea!! and sporting juak kucing u yaa..hhahahaha

designationjazz said...

Ivy> really?? Beatrice really a bit brutal. Sampey Daryl kdg2 malas nak layan karenah nya he he..

Krisno> Tq bro..

Uzitter> Im the fan of Arsenal... semadi jak xda jersey Arsenal di jual. Mun x dah ku beli utk Daryl. Kucing mek nang sukan @ sporting habisss.. he he

nicksuneo said...

I like the photo of two chelsea fans ;-)

designationjazz said...

Nic> ha ha! seems 2b everybody loves it! :-)

Willie said...

Classic nar juak radio ya.

designationjazz said...

Willie> It's hard to find it sold in the shop nowadays.. :-)