Sunday, August 30, 2009

May and Day birthday celebration

Last Friday (28.08.09)I attended my parents birthday function at St Helen's Church, Serian. Both of my parents were born in the month of August. My other siblings all came to celebrate it. My eldest brother had a ride with me as he didn't bring along his family. As for me, my family was not in Kuching. So it's just me and my bro pimped a ride from Kuching to Serian.

The function @ pot bless was attended by church members. Two cakes were ready to represent each of my parents. My dad celebrated his 58th birthday while my Mom celebrated her 61st birhtday. Ever since we were knew the words of talking, we call our mum and dad by the name of
May and Day.

I don't know how it's started but we call them that way where else I usually heard other children calling their parents by the name of Mummy-Daddy or Mom-Dad, Or Mummy-Diddy etc...

In short my parents can be called
Mayday! (=red alert!)
in case of emergency ha ha!..

Day checking on dishes whether everything
was all set for the dinner.

Everybody's tried to pacify Aaron...
He was crying, not in the mood i guess..

Happy Birthday songs on air..

May n Day birthday cakes. the pink one for May and the other's for Day.
How bout me?? I celebrate birthday in August too.. :-)

Cake feeding.. I'm happy to see both of them.
Always remain a loving couple..

Queing for a plate of delicacies..

Kind a like this shot..

I got clear shots of May n Day but sorry I can't post it here coz me too in that shots.. he he..
Still want to remain mysterious...
Please don't get mad ok..


Anonymous said...


C.Alv.B said...

Hey you know what..I also like to be mysterious for some purpose before. Too shy and fear of ... But after I've enough confident and starting to 'share' my life..then baru berani publish muka hehehe.

Anyway, happy belated birthday to your parents..

Ivy Metaga said...

happy belated birthday to your parents...
haihhh...tak adil tak adil, tak nampak muka hehhee lalalala....
sik apa janji simpan muka daryl jak lah ekekekeke

Bb Hussain said...

It's been a while I haven't read your entries..Happy belated birthday to your parents.. And Happy Birthday to you too..Many more happy returns..

designationjazz said...

Kris> he he..??

Calvb> Im not shy.. It's just my job makes we wanted to be mysterious... U know working as an enforcer..TQ for the wishes :-)

Ivy> Aik... mcm crita P.Ramlee jak.."Ini tak adil!
'.. he he. Thnx 4 the wishes!

Bb> Yea it's been a while, I guess Bb r now quite busy in yr study. And Tq for the wishes..

Mysterious Witch said...

May day sound scary.. haha

Willie said...

Ada juak aku di sia