Saturday, August 15, 2009

Have a break, have a kit kat! n a mug of coffee..

This very morning i woke up just for the sake of doing overtime job on field..
So I woke up as usual and took a bath, brush my teeth etc..
While I was dressing myself i heard a noise from our master bedroom, i peep out and saw Dylan already woke up too..

He was smiling when he saw me..

After a while , i made myself a mug of coffee and took a packet of Kit Kat from the fridge..
It's weird to eat chocolate balls for breakfast but i don't know why suddenly i felt like to munch that soft creamy and chewy Kit Kat balls...(pls don't droll when reading this he he..)

hmmm... felling lazy when think about driving to workplace..

Dylan's smile.. refreshing my mind and body to go to work for today.

My nuffnang ads-Kit Kat always appear in my blog and i guess that was one of the factor that i thought about Kit Kat all the time..

Have A break, Have A Kit Kat!


Ivy Metaga said...

dylan pun comel macam abangnya daryl, mun tgk muka budak2 kecik mst rasa tenang jak kan, owh gambar no.2 membuktikan tuan empunya blog mmg slim hahaha..
huhu..kit kat minta....

C.Alv.B said...

Hahahhaa.. I love kit kat too. I eat a lot especially when I am under stress.. and now, I add weight to 3kg..hhehee.. my friend asked me to slim down again..hehhehe

designationjazz said...

Ivy> he he anak2 gue semua comel lote... Kit Kat?? tunggunlah mek outstaion gi sibu klak mek beri sebonet keta kit kat ha ha...:-p

Calvb> if yr weight still under 62kg then it's ok :-)

Anonymous said...

hehe..lamak sik makan kit kat..

designationjazz said...

Kris> makan... jgn x makan!..