Saturday, September 18, 2010

Anything will do..

I’m back after a long break for myself (free from updating my blog.. hehe).. It’s seem that now i’m updating my blog once in a month *sigh*.. but anyway it’s better than never right?..

This time around anything will do in my entry.. Well i would like to share my story on my electric guitars or in other name, we call it axe (not the axe that we use to chop down trees or woods ok..)

I have several axes in my collection and mostly are Ibanez axes, as you know i’m a die hard fan of Ibanez axes ;-)

My 1st axe was Ibanez GRG270 which has been use for jamm and stage performance. In 2010, i’ve sold my axe to my close friend, Chris. Sadly to let go but due to so many axes and some of them are under utilized, so i’ve decided to let it go.

There are 2 more axes to let go that is Epiphopne Gibson SG and Squier Fender Affinity Series. Those who interested can leave your message in my chatbox! TQ.

( Please bear in mind tat this is not a commercial break.. haha!XD )

Ibanez GRG270

The new owner of the GRG270! Mr. Chris.

Axes for sales!

Epiphone SG

Squier Affinity Series (Pickup mod. Dimarzio-Neck & Bridge)

Ok enough of guitar stuffs.. We go on appearance! Below is the picture of me and my colleague wearing jackets. Me & him are one of the staff who loves to wear jackets during workdays especially when it's raining..

Well.. wat da ya think?..

And it's time to break from writting this new entry.. need a chilax!

* Chill n Relax *

Take a break! Have A Kit Kat! ;-)

Kit Kat!! me n my son loves it..

Well.. Anything will do guys! Have a nice day and great weekend ;-)


Ijau D. Koceng said...

rajin2 la update... 1-2 perenggan per entry pun xpa

kdg2 letak 1 gmbr then sikit explanation pun dah blh jd entry blog yg menarik

Anonymous said...

Haha..kacak gitar ia bro...

James Kabaq said...

Oh Ibanezzzzzz.... 7th heaven bila lah dapat kumiliki....

designationjazz said...

Ijau : Part mok rajin ya susah sb byk gi kerja di dunia tok mok polah selain blogging hehe..

Krisno : juhh! join da club..

James : Beli la sebijik, pat kita duak jamm klak.. ;-)

isabella nicolette said...

your son..!!! looks like ddaddy..!!! :DD

isabella nicolette said...

your son..!!! looks like ddaddy..!!! :DD

Ivy Metaga said...

minta kit kat satu lok hehe..

Bb Hussain said...

take a break, have a kit kat ;)

designationjazz said...

isabella : really?.. hehe

Ivy : gi ctok kalk mek beri kit-kat.. ;-)

Bb : haha! kit-kat commercial break.

Modified Rides said...

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